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feng shui at the office

Feng Shui at the Office 

While in a home that is feng shui healthy, peace and rest is enhanced, but at an office there are two goals, namely to motivate the staff and increase the company’s profitability. Whether a building has good or bad energy affects the health, psychological state,…

feng shui in architecture

Feng Shui in Architecture 

A master who walks the path of truth knows that he does not actually teach anything but merely reminds his students about what is already there. Architecture is the art of creating buildings while considering aspects like light, shadow, texture, time and space, volume, mass,…

toxins in decorations that cause cancer

Toxins in Decorations that Cause Cancer 

Research shows that the homes of many kids with leukemia have high rates of formaldehyde. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), formaldehyde, which is found in furniture and laminates, is carcinogenic. What’s more, radon is found in granite, and after long-term exposure, it increases…

decor that fits your aura

Decor that Fits Your Aura 

Everything in the universe has a vibration, each and every single atom and even the electrons and other subatomic particles. Even our thoughts and subconscious are vibrations. Based on these vibrations, our bodies generate a natural electromagnetic field that we call the aura. We can…

energy of the cities

Energy of the Cities 

Throughout the ages, humankind has instinctively built cities on the most favorable sites, such as where there is easy access to water and good geographical conditions, as well as where ley lines pass through. Stonehenge in England, the great pyramids of Egypt, and Machu Picchu…

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