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of the white lotus path

Of the White Lotus Path 

We have been introducing the ‘white and blue lotus’ concept-image in our recent seminars and study courses in İstanbul. We came along this amazing notion in our studies of the Cosmic Movement material we have been entrusted by one of the last ‘ passives’ of one of the last French Cosmic group….



Protecting the mind’s purity and clarity is privacy. Your existence is sacred. You are sacred, blessed and great as you are. “Humanity got stuck at its sexual center and lost its return ticket home, namely privacy (“mahremiyet” in Turkish).” The roots of the Turkish word…

by the ocean…

By the Ocean… 

I sit down by the ocean and retreat deep into thought. What’s life? What’s death? What’s spiritual growth? The already known answers come back, the same routines as always, but I still can’t figure it out. I wonder what it would be like to know…

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