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i am human

I Am Human 

I am the most intelligent species on this planet. I have five senses to help me navigate through my world. I eat meat and vegetables. I could even eat my own species if I were hungry enough. I am incredibly creative, but I’m also tremendously…

power and control

Power and Control 

We humans are really interesting beings. As life continues, it brings new things along with it. For instance, look at how our mobility increases naturally throughout our early years, from infancy to childhood, from childhood to puberty, and from puberty to adulthood. We gain the…

what is the new age?

What is the New Age? 

What is this New Age trend that’s become the fashion these days? Is it a desire to create a new society from what the technological age has brought us? Is it about acting without thinking, performing the tasks given to us, and being in harmony?…

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