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Mutable Sense 

We do not feel anymore. We sense instead. In every atom, every particle, every cell, every frequency, and every vibration, we sense. It’s been a long way getting here. We’ve overcome many obstacles. We woke up one morning and were filled with hope. We woke…

i am human

I Am Human 

I am the most intelligent species on this planet. I have five senses to help me navigate through my world. I eat meat and vegetables. I could even eat my own species if I were hungry enough. I am incredibly creative, but I’m also tremendously…

the way of the heart

The Way of the Heart 

No one has to starve, fall into despair, or suffer. There’s no need for conflict. There’s no need for danger or to feel unsafe. There’s no need for crises or unease, no need for unhappiness, despair, and distress. There’s no need for any of these….

it’s us humans…

It’s Us Humans… 

It’s not the Israelis killing the Palestinians—it’s us killing each other. It’s not a fight between Jews and Muslims—it’s humans fighting humans. It’s not the Sunni’s of IS exterminating Shiites—it’s us humans massacring other humans. Turks, Kurds, Arabs, Americans, Germans, Russians, Italians, Christians, Jews, Muslims,…



In my opinion, the best book of the Kryon series is The Journey Home. It narrates a beautiful example that I use in my sessions to this day. Michael Thomas, the protagonist, acquires a map from a spirit. He’s told the map will guide him,…

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