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spiritual emergencies

Spiritual Emergencies 

What to Do in a Spiritual Emergency? The growing popularity of the so-called “new age” movements has successfully simplified many esoteric teachings and introduced new people to them. Unfortunately, it has also led to a flawed belief that the discipline-based approaches of the “old-school” systems…

the legend of enlightenment

The Legend of Enlightenment 

Hi buds! Today, we’re going to talk about one of the most important terms in spirituality: enlightenment. It’s the place everyone wants to reach. Basically, enlightenment is when light penetrates into the dark, so the dark disappears and the light appears. In spirituality, there is…

what is this meditation thing?

What Is This Meditation Thing? 

Meditation is the most misunderstood concept in spirituality. Many still believe meditation to be something like sitting cross-legged, closing your eyes, and getting kind of high. Actually, this isn’t totally wrong, but it’s just one part of meditation or rather a way of meditating. Keeping…

entrance to spirituality

Entrance to Spirituality 

Hey guys, The whole world is talking about this self-help and self-development stuff, so let’s start with the basics. The word self refers to something that belongs to a particular person and only that person. Development means to experience and use those experiences to mature…

women and their signs

Women and Their Signs 

Today, I want to inform you (especially the men) about some key features of the Zodiac signs. You must know there’s a marvelous question that can get normally quiet women to talk for hours with other women: “What’s your sign?” When a woman asks this…

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