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the womb

The Womb 

It is said that for seven years, we exchange karma with the person we have intercourse with, and this is called womb hooks. My question is, though, how can we clean this up ourselves? Would you like to share what you know about the subject?…

spiritual penance

Spiritual Penance 

People have often asked me, “Hasan, why don’t you make some money with all the knowledge you’ve accumulated?” but I always chose to ignore them. I’ve always felt distanced from those who prioritize money over knowledge, so when I once felt such an inclination, I…

attaining oneness

Attaining Oneness 

I recently encountered many people who cannot recognize how the actions of their ancestors are making their way back to their descendants by depriving them of money, prestige, status, and health. They go through such hard times that sometimes even suicide seems like a viable…

fate, karma and love

Fate, Karma and Love 

Actually, anyone who is called toward spiritual development is a candidate for proceeding on this path, so I believe anyone who makes any step toward spiritual enlightenment is on the path, even if their methods are flawed.

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