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the way of the heart

The Way of the Heart 

No one has to starve, fall into despair, or suffer. There’s no need for conflict. There’s no need for danger or to feel unsafe. There’s no need for crises or unease, no need for unhappiness, despair, and distress. There’s no need for any of these….

the blind choices of our hearts

The Blind Choices of Our Hearts 

People mention numerous qualifications when they’re asked, ‘What do you look for in a significant other? Despite this, they often fall in love with the least qualified candidate, because the heart cares little for our considerations. Here’s the simple truth about the weird ways of…

about marriage

About Marriage 

We don’t know when marriage was first invented. It’s likely it started with only good intentions. For example, when men were making better money, marriage might have been aimed at protecting women. But didn’t money later turn into a tool of power that obliged women…

the psychology of love

The Psychology of Love 

I have always wondered why some extremely handsome men end up being with relatively unattractive girls? In other words, what effect does physical attraction have over love? It’s the fate of all psychology students to deal with questions like “Why did that happen?” and “What’s…

you are what you believe

You Are What You Believe 

You’re certain you have set your goals, and they are what you really want. Not only will you feel better about yourself when you reach them but also while working toward them. What’s more, you know for sure you’ll get the chance to express your…

create a lover out of nothing

Create a Lover out of Nothing 

Women often say something during my seminars: “There are no suitable men for me.” They then try their best to convince me of this, but instead I say to them, “Just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they don’t exist.” The one-sided generalizations that distract you…

loving yourself

Loving Yourself 

“Life consists of small things. They become great if you love.” — Osho Loving yourself is always the first recommendation made by personal development books in order to live a better life. Most people claim they love themselves, but very few of them live their…

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