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A Presence Bigger Than Me 

That’s how common it is there; there’s nothing unusual or strange about it. Spiritism is an official religion. One that we believe truly lead us to an understanding of ourselves and its pervades the culture. For me, mediumship has been the gift of feeling the…


On the Divine Order and the Universe 

We interviewed A. Cemal Gürsoy, chairman of the Metapsychic Studies and Scientific Research Society (MTIAD) and the Bilyay Foundation, about the activities of these foundations and the book The Divine Order and the Universe. This book, which was compiled in 1959, was finally published on…


I’m the Son of a Medium! 

Writing this article is not easy for me, but nor was being the son of a medium. I suppose it was the root cause of my skepticism. You establish norms according to the environment you live in, so children’s norms come from their family and their friends.