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spiritual emergencies

Spiritual Emergencies 

What to Do in a Spiritual Emergency? The growing popularity of the so-called “new age” movements has successfully simplified many esoteric teachings and introduced new people to them. Unfortunately, it has also led to a flawed belief that the discipline-based approaches of the “old-school” systems…

should we feel bad?
Featured, Soul

Should We Feel Bad? 

In daily life, our moods constantly change. We feel various reactions to the incidents that occur around us. Everything we see, hear and experience can create a myriad of feelings within us, and our behavior emerges as reactions influenced by these feelings. Although we can…

the mind

The Mind 

When a mind overthinks, it unavoidably finds itself in a myriad of negative thoughts. Before long, thoughts tend to gravitate toward criticizing, finding mistakes, judging, angering, envying, despairing, regretting, and worrying. A mind focused on negativity soon becomes oblivious to real solutions. But what about…

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