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Frequency Poisoning 

Looking from the perspective of frequency, following any illness, if the body is not fully recovered, you will see its effects on the frequency level, sometimes even for years. This is “normal” because western medicine focuses on the illness more than the patient. It removes…

feng shui in architecture

Feng Shui in Architecture 

A master who walks the path of truth knows that he does not actually teach anything but merely reminds his students about what is already there. Architecture is the art of creating buildings while considering aspects like light, shadow, texture, time and space, volume, mass,…

the tango and relationships

The Tango and Relationships 

At my tango class today, I perceived something that I’ve come to know again. It happens to me quite often these days. My teacher corrected my posture in the closed position, telling me that I was standing too straight. I am used to standing straight…

energy of the cities

Energy of the Cities 

Throughout the ages, humankind has instinctively built cities on the most favorable sites, such as where there is easy access to water and good geographical conditions, as well as where ley lines pass through. Stonehenge in England, the great pyramids of Egypt, and Machu Picchu…

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