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is money an issue?

Is Money an Issue? 

Money is very important. It’s also nice to say, “Money is love. I am the money! I’m a money magnet!” Yet there’s a common belief that spiritual people should have nothing to do with money and luxury. Some people put this down to commitments from…

just a simple question

Just a Simple Question 

The American Psychiatric Association carried out a research study into children and television. It came to the conclusion that the average child is exposed to 40,000 deaths and 200,000 violent acts through TV programs. Our world is a place managed by fear. We are motivated…

you are what you believe

You Are What You Believe 

You’re certain you have set your goals, and they are what you really want. Not only will you feel better about yourself when you reach them but also while working toward them. What’s more, you know for sure you’ll get the chance to express your…

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