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feng shui in architecture

Feng Shui in Architecture 

A master who walks the path of truth knows that he does not actually teach anything but merely reminds his students about what is already there. Architecture is the art of creating buildings while considering aspects like light, shadow, texture, time and space, volume, mass,…

money and trust

Money and Trust 

All people have some kind of examination in their lives. We don’t experience any problems in some parts of life, but in others, we find ourselves in endless loops. These loops continue until we recognize and learn the necessary lesson. In my own life, the…

how to earn money?

How to Earn Money? 

My dear friends, I could claim to be the best brand manager in the world, but when I check my bank account, I see that’s not the case at all. My talent, knowledge, curiosity, and energy allow me to undertake amazing projects to create and…

honoring the money

Honoring The Money 

A few years ago, I was visiting Greece while the economic crisis unfolded. I told one of my friends there, “My grandmother’s from Thessaloniki. I‘ve also worked in Greece a lot and earned my living, so I’d like to help out.” I then asked him…

the code of money (part 2): i can give up what does not belong to me

The Colour of Money 

“There’s never enough”  “If only I had just a bit more”  “I’m not sure how I’m going to make it through until next pay day” These are just a few of the repeating phrases I hear from clients in one to one sessions and at…

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