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Is Consciousness One or Many? 

Can Consciousness be called by names like Christ Consciousness, Krishna Consciousness etc.? Is it correct to make such distinctions? Ultimately, all there is is one consciousness. But it is also possible to make distinctions within the one consciousness of different expressions and dimensions of that…

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Who Are You Really? 

Who are you? Who do you think you are? Who? Who? Who? Are you the things you possess? Are you your houses, your car, your money, your spouse, your career, or your children? Are you the sum of your knowledge, your title, your body, your…


There Are No Secrets 

The term secret is misleading. In the oneness of the universe, we cannot hide anything from the inner wholeness of everyone else. If you try to hide something, you spend your time and energy in vain. The creative power of the universe gifted everyone with…