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Do not Seek Me… 

Do not seek me, for you shall not find me. You assume you will get a hold of me, but you won’t. You assume you will experience me, but you won’t. Aren’t you tired of fooling yourself like this? There’s nothing to seek, nor is…

inspirations – 2

Inspirations – 2 

God Sun is God, because it gives life. The food is God, because it nourishes and the breath is God, too, because it keep us alive. Parents are God, because they have created you. Friends are God, because they stand by you and so are…

the meditation of life and death
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The Meditation of Life and Death 

In this day and age, people seek to increase their energy levels by taking nutritional supplements. They consult gurus or chase material wealth to increase their happiness. They look to social institutions and political parties to provide safety. Then, in order to survive death, they…

seeing love in an act of murder

Seeing Love in an Act of Murder 

Q: The quote in your exquisite book, Living from the Heart, “But when we see the loving nature of even murder….” needs expansion for me. A: When I point to love as the true nature of even a murderous act, I’m not denying the horrible tragedy that…

what is advaita or nonduality?

What Is Advaita or Nonduality? 

Advaita means nondual or ‘not two.’ This oneness is a fundamental quality of everything. Everything is a part of and made of one nondual conciousness. Often the question arises, “If it is all one thing, why don’t I experience it that way?” This is confusing oneness for the…

the moral codes of hatha yoga

The Moral Codes of Hatha Yoga 

Hatha Yoga or Kundalini Yoga is primarily a discipline meant to arouse the Kundalini. Prayatna-adyatamaanastu yogi Samshuddha-kilbisaha Anekajanma-samsiddhastato Yaatiparaamgatim BhagavadGita 6.45 “Thus, by constantly trying and controlling his mind, the yogi completely purged of all evil impulses in him and made perfect through many births finally attains the Supreme goal”To most, yoga is…

dhruva, the yogi

DHRUVA, the Yogi 

Manu, the considered forefather of humankind, had two sons; one of them was the great king Uttanapada, who ruled in ancient India. Happily married with two wives, Suniti and Suruchi, each of whom bore him a son, he led a content life. However, Uttanapada loved…

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