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the inconceivable self

The Inconceivable Self 

We will all perish. That is given. The body will fail, the mind disappear… But what will remain? That is inconceivable. There is no time. There is only eternity. Eternity has no time, no image, yet all the images are in it. Neither dual nor…

there are moments that…

There are Moments that… 

Sometimes it’s the curtains flitting about in a soft, relaxing summer breeze. Sometimes it’s to wrap yourself up in your mother’s arms. It’s the strange, dazzling sparkles that fly around when you look at your loved one. Sometimes it’s bitter like a cup of black…

fate, karma and love

Fate, Karma and Love 

Actually, anyone who is called toward spiritual development is a candidate for proceeding on this path, so I believe anyone who makes any step toward spiritual enlightenment is on the path, even if their methods are flawed.

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