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do not anger

Do not Anger 

“I’m convinced that our life journey is an upward spiral. Sometimes it feels like we’ve traveled all the way yet it still feels like we are back to square one. Believe me, where we are is a deeper and higher reflection of square one. I…

the mind

The Mind 

When a mind overthinks, it unavoidably finds itself in a myriad of negative thoughts. Before long, thoughts tend to gravitate toward criticizing, finding mistakes, judging, angering, envying, despairing, regretting, and worrying. A mind focused on negativity soon becomes oblivious to real solutions. But what about…

focus on your good features

Focus on Your Good Features 

Buddha gave some simple yet effective advice for people who want to change themselves: Focus on your good features. Most of us encounter various hurdles in life. It might be the growing number of weeds in your garden, a fungal infection in your body, or…

the fear of peace

The Fear of Peace 

Based on my observations of our times, one of the most serious phobias is “the fear of peace.” It’s such a limiting and confusing fear that when confronted with peace, which is the only solution to their problems, people react painfully, similar to how people…

the tyrant and the sage

The Tyrant and the Sage 

We have two sides, one side that deems itself to be two sides. One is a tyrant, while the other is a sage. The tyrant divides and separates, yet the sage does not discriminate. The tyrant assumes, while the sage sees and knows. The tyrant…

“evil” in the universe

“Evil” in the Universe 

Evil, demonic powers, freakish creatures, horrific movie scenes… These are all images produced in the mind. It’s unlikely that you would ever actually encounter such things in nature. The collective consciousness of humanity is rich with all kinds of images, and there’s no such thing…

not good enough…

Not Good Enough… 

Events fill so much of the time they happen in that there’s no space left for our choices, displeasures, and beliefs. The problem is that we confuse the past and the future with the events that are in the now. Our choices, displeasures, regrets, and…

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