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the mirror

The Mirror 

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Is it yourself, your reflection, or do you merely see the mirror? Who is looking in the mirror? And who is looking out from the mirror at you? Are you the watcher or the watched?…

note to self

Note to Self 

Are you bored? Good! It means you’ll soon come up with something, maybe even something creative… Are you sad? If so, just wait it out. Sit there, and feel it. Feel it in your bones. You know it will pass, so there’s no need to…



One should be capable of crossing the threshold and leaving behind the house of past times. Even though there may be loved ones inside, woes that you hold on to, people that you lost, or fond memories, you should be able to leave it. A…

who are you?

Who Are You? 

Do you ever doubt the name you were given at birth? How is your mind when you’re asked, “What’s your name?” Is it doubtless and certain? So, what makes you doubt who you are? Does your mind not make you ask, “Who am I?” Does…

spiritual birth

Spiritual Birth 

To be born spiritually means to awaken from the dream of death. To see as a perfectly obvious reality, that you are eternal spirit, the essence of everything. This physical world, universe in fact, is a place of constant change, decay; it is bound in…

o’ woman of mine

O’ Woman of Mine 

O’ woman of mine! You are soaked in sorrow and scented by vim and vigor. Encountering denial in your being, And giving yourself the Judas kiss, You are that moon-faced woman of mine! The light of your sun, which does not shine in your eyes,…

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