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how do we know?

How Do We Know? 

Self-realization is knowing who you really are. How do we know something? Is it enough to be told? Or is there something more that must happen for us to truly know something? And do we even need to be told who we already are? It…

beyond no self

Beyond No Self 

The spiritual journey is a movement away from over-identification with the body and mind to the rediscovery of our true identity as infinite Being, and this can be two different movements. The first is dis-identification with the body and mind. Since identification is simply a…

who am i then?

Who Am I Then? 

A few days ago, I came across a video showing how Tibetans offer their dead to the vultures. That’s right—Tibetans don’t bury their dead, because they don’t have enough suitable land. They don’t burn bodies either, because they don’t have enough trees, so they feed…

the inconceivable self

The Inconceivable Self 

We will all perish. That is given. The body will fail, the mind disappear… But what will remain? That is inconceivable. There is no time. There is only eternity. Eternity has no time, no image, yet all the images are in it. Neither dual nor…

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