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the ego

The Ego 

It’s not a problem to have an ego. The problems come when the ego controls or owns us. In Latin, the word “ego” means “I.” This “I” is the dominant factor that helps differentiate us from each other, making the diversity of life possible. Putting…

the nature of reality

The Nature of Reality 

Who am I? An eternal question that leads to the awakening of the seeker… Ishvara – Brahman – Atman – Paramatman Anyone can be God. Even you can be God. All is consciousness, even things that appear not, actually are, for they come from consciousness…

faith points

Faith Points 

I was playing the PC game Civilization 5 the other day when a bolt of lightning suddenly flashed through my mind. In the game, you collect faith points, and when you have a certain amount of points, you can buy buildings or units, so these…

the red saucer

The Red Saucer 

In a room containing five people, the fact that a saucer on the table is red is subject to the perception and acceptance of the five people. If one of them claims the saucer is orange, the other four will start to think there’s a…

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