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why do we get ill?

Why Do We Get Ill? 

For sure, every person who has an opinion about illnesses puts forward various explanations according to how they interpret information from their fields. However, it also depends on their capacity to read and interpret what comes from their own consciousness. Those who haven’t yet progressed…

i do not plead!

I Do Not Plead! 

Plato said, “Do not try to endear yourself to anyone! The only thing to do is to surrender to being loved. What matters is not to own the most stuff but rather to need the least possible.” I realize that since childhood, I have exhausted…

the mirror

The Mirror 

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Is it yourself, your reflection, or do you merely see the mirror? Who is looking in the mirror? And who is looking out from the mirror at you? Are you the watcher or the watched?…

is consciousness one or many?

Is Consciousness One or Many? 

Can Consciousness be called by names like Christ Consciousness, Krishna Consciousness etc.? Is it correct to make such distinctions? Ultimately, all there is is one consciousness. But it is also possible to make distinctions within the one consciousness of different expressions and dimensions of that…

anchored in anatolia

Anchored in Anatolia 

Having been born and raised in Turkey, I constantly sought an explanation for the contradiction between the well-known spirituality of Anatolia and the reality of the not-so-loving expressions of some of its people. One day, though, I came across a book written by the Turkish…

god’s toolbox

God’s Toolbox 

Yesterday one friend came up with an important question “How to talk to God? How to ask for support or just a clue?” Mostly I am in the function of a translator in these evenings and I am trying to stay at the background, but…

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