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The Turkish word “çile,” which translates as “ordeal,” means 40 in its Farsi origins. For any knowledge to be transformed into consciousness, meaning that it can be used confidently, some 40 days, 40 repetitions, or 40 tests (whichever your prefer) is needed. For this very…

poverty among plenty

Poverty Among Plenty 

You say, “I thought I was suffering, but I was not. If I had been suffering, I would have matured.” So, what was it? Do you know what real suffering is? All other suffering is also attached to it: It’s parting! Your most basic belief…

which one do you choose?

Which One Do You Choose? 

If you presume your “old life” ended yesterday and your “new life” began today, cut in two as if by a knife stroke, you’re seriously wrong. If you do, you will encounter elements that trigger and show your internal darkness more than ever before. Blaming…

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