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i do not plead!

I Do Not Plead! 

Plato said, “Do not try to endear yourself to anyone! The only thing to do is to surrender to being loved. What matters is not to own the most stuff but rather to need the least possible.” I realize that since childhood, I have exhausted…

be what you say
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Be What You Say 

The entire universe and all its atoms are created from one source. We, as a unique part of this creation, were created as pure energy. All atoms vibrate, and this is how we communicate with each other. We think, and we can express this vocally…

Articles, Soul


If you feel that you are an inseparable part of the whole, And that whole is beyond what can be seen… If you see yourself in another and see another in yourself, And everyone, including you, comes from the same source… If you see beauty…

now no trace remains
Niyazi Misri

Now No Trace Remains 

(Muhammad Niyazi al-Misri was born in Malatya, Turkey, to a devout family. In the mid-1600s, Niyazi Misri became the spiritual leader of the Istanbul Tekke of the Helveti Sufis.) I thought that in this whole world no beloved for me remained. Then I left myself….

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