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on zen, zazen and ayurveda

On Zen, Zazen and Ayurveda 

Zen is the state of reaching one’s inner self, higher consciousness, and a different level of understanding without breaking the relationship between reality and virtuality, object and subject. Zen is not a meditation either. It cannot be conceptualized through mere reason or intelligence. Zen can…

focus on your good features

Focus on Your Good Features 

Buddha gave some simple yet effective advice for people who want to change themselves: Focus on your good features. Most of us encounter various hurdles in life. It might be the growing number of weeds in your garden, a fungal infection in your body, or…

reinforcing compassion

Reinforcing Compassion 

Dear friends, it’s the gospel truth that compassion is the greatest force in this universe. The reason why we seek money, power, domination, reputation, approval, and other things is to gain happiness, peace, health, joy, and wisdom. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way, because the…

tao and sexuality!

Tao and Sexuality! 

Taoism is one of the oldest ways of living on Earth. The ancient sages, living away from the entertainment devices that bombard modern society, dedicated all their energies to finding and improving healthy ways to fulfill the needs of human beings.

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