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living life as a question

Living Life as a Question 

Many of the questions and concerns in the satsangs or spiritual gatherings I lead come in a similar form: How do I get or keep a particular experience? How do I get or keep a sense of awakeness or expansion or openness or freedom or…

no one has ever spoken the whole truth

No One Has Ever Spoken the Whole Truth 

Q: I read confusing and contradictory teachings about our true nature and what complete realization is like, and yet sometimes I can just follow the simplicity of choosing to allow and letting love be my guide.” A: Before enlightenment and after, everything is complete and…

loving your desires

Loving Your Desires 

Q: As I’m feeling the love towards everything and everyone including the body, I m feeling that I am this LOVE itself with no beginning or end. Even as thoughts of my financial  situation or relationship come up, I’m finding myself touching those images with…

the true gift of inquiry

The True Gift of Inquiry 

Someone emailed me with the following question: I feel like I am getting the hang of being with the feeling when fear or anger or other difficult emotions arise. It is a kind of burning, and I’ve been noticing the thought or story associated with…

defense mechanism or truth?

Defense Mechanism or Truth? 

Someone wrote me the following on Facebook: Thank you so much for your thoughts, I connect with what I read and I was hoping you could help me understand the feeling of numbness I’ve been having. I have had many disappointments this past year and…

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