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small truths are still true

Small Truths Are Still True 

Q: I have an opportunity to be trained for free and employed as a life coach. This is like a dream come true for me, a job I have always seen myself doing. However I always imagined myself working on the spiritual side of things…

the many dimensions of love

The Many Dimensions of Love 

Q: I’ve learned that Love is inherent and always exists, but I have not learned that I can love all situations.  It seems to be a seed that is within me that certain situations evoke… like music, or trees, a particular person, etc.  I even…

letting go of the past

Letting Go of the Past 

The past is nothing but a burden that doesn’t really exist. It’s one we carry around on our backs and take with us everywhere we go. From time to time, we open up this garbage bag we call the past and look at all the…

inspirations – v

Inspirations – V 

The Way to Enlightenment Sometimes, somewhere… You have to stop walking, You have to stop talking, You have to stop breathing, And listen to the beat of the heart, And silence of the soul. Enlightenment is to a man as natural as water is to…

inspirations – iv

Inspirations – IV 

Mother is God Mothers are special for they are the womb of God: to worship and treat mother on pair with God is the right vision for God comes among us through countless other beings, delivered through their mothers. To see her as God, it…

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