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sexual personality analysis

Sexual Personality Analysis 

Many of the indulgences we partake of in life can actually give telling hints about our personalities. For instance, you can see someone’s general relationship with life by observing how they eat. If you consciously watch someone’s entire course of eating—such as how they act…

o’ woman of mine

O’ Woman of Mine 

O’ woman of mine! You are soaked in sorrow and scented by vim and vigor. Encountering denial in your being, And giving yourself the Judas kiss, You are that moon-faced woman of mine! The light of your sun, which does not shine in your eyes,…



Protecting the mind’s purity and clarity is privacy. Your existence is sacred. You are sacred, blessed and great as you are. “Humanity got stuck at its sexual center and lost its return ticket home, namely privacy (“mahremiyet” in Turkish).” The roots of the Turkish word…

the creative power of being a female

The Creative Power of Being a Female 

The two poles of creation and existence, the masculine and feminine, are seen in all planes of existence. The emergence and continuation of life depend on the cooperative union of the masculine and feminine powers. Without this union, nothing emerges. Throughout history, examples of this…

buddha and his wife

Buddha and His Wife 

Buddha became enlightened, and Buddha became Buddha. Buddha then returned to his homeland. Only one person hadn’t forgiven him. Do you have any idea who it was? It was his wife… She basically said, “I wish you had never left Samsara, you bastard!” On another…

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