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why does he do it?

Why Does He Do It? 

One of my counselees told me about her boyfriend and asked me: ‘Why does he text to her ex-girlfriend when he is with me?’ I don’t find it helpful to ask ‘why’ questions about others. It helps nothing but confusing the mind. Because you don’t…

women and their signs

Women and Their Signs 

Today, I want to inform you (especially the men) about some key features of the Zodiac signs. You must know there’s a marvelous question that can get normally quiet women to talk for hours with other women: “What’s your sign?” When a woman asks this…



You are preparing to go out. You’ve picked out your clothes, made your hair, and then stood in front of the mirror. You are looking at your reflection in the mirror, and the clothes on your reflection seem mismatched to you. Maybe it’s their color,…

create a lover out of nothing

Create a Lover out of Nothing 

Women often say something during my seminars: “There are no suitable men for me.” They then try their best to convince me of this, but instead I say to them, “Just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they don’t exist.” The one-sided generalizations that distract you…

i fear to love

I Fear to Love 

This is actually a very interesting case, because the two concepts of love and fear are entirely opposite to each other, but there are cases where these concepts come together. A passionate love then comes into being rather than a blind one. The fear of…

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