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yoga ashram india

Yoga Ashram India 

I have never seen such a tranquil place before. The monkeys and squirrels jump through the trees, and everywhere is a pure green. I have been thinking about why I was so far away from the trees. Instead of becoming a child of the sun…

inspirations – v

Inspirations – V 

The Way to Enlightenment Sometimes, somewhere… You have to stop walking, You have to stop talking, You have to stop breathing, And listen to the beat of the heart, And silence of the soul. Enlightenment is to a man as natural as water is to…

inspirations – iv

Inspirations – IV 

Mother is God Mothers are special for they are the womb of God: to worship and treat mother on pair with God is the right vision for God comes among us through countless other beings, delivered through their mothers. To see her as God, it…

inspirations – iii

Inspirations – III 

Thirst for Living It is the thirst for living that becomes bondage. Like the water becomes muddy after the storm, so does the consciousness becomes confused with so many desires. Keep it pure and detached, like water lilies are from the mud they grow from….

inspirations – 1

Inspirations – 1 

Meditation on Purity The purpose of life is to be pure, not rich, famous or powerful. Purity is the force, the mirror of our immortal self. In fact, it is the very purpose of living and creation. Nothing beats it. It is eternal and it…

the moral codes of hatha yoga

The Moral Codes of Hatha Yoga 

Hatha Yoga or Kundalini Yoga is primarily a discipline meant to arouse the Kundalini. Prayatna-adyatamaanastu yogi Samshuddha-kilbisaha Anekajanma-samsiddhastato Yaatiparaamgatim BhagavadGita 6.45 “Thus, by constantly trying and controlling his mind, the yogi completely purged of all evil impulses in him and made perfect through many births finally attains the Supreme goal”To most, yoga is…

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