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dhruva, the yogi

DHRUVA, the Yogi 

Manu, the considered forefather of humankind, had two sons; one of them was the great king Uttanapada, who ruled in ancient India. Happily married with two wives, Suniti and Suruchi, each of whom bore him a son, he led a content life. However, Uttanapada loved…

the inconceivable self

The Inconceivable Self 

We will all perish. That is given. The body will fail, the mind disappear… But what will remain? That is inconceivable. There is no time. There is only eternity. Eternity has no time, no image, yet all the images are in it. Neither dual nor…

hugging the teacher

Hugging The Teacher 

I love my students and I love hugs. I don’t like hugs from my students. I remember the feeling when one morning in Istanbul, after my class, a student, who is also a good friend, walked up towards me and gave me a big long…

the nature of reality

The Nature of Reality 

Who am I? An eternal question that leads to the awakening of the seeker… Ishvara – Brahman – Atman – Paramatman Anyone can be God. Even you can be God. All is consciousness, even things that appear not, actually are, for they come from consciousness…

phlegm – enemy no. 1

Phlegm – Enemy No. 1 

Not so long ago, my neighbor in Bangalore died because of a mosquito bite. She caught dengue fever and, in less than three days, she was dead leaving behind two teenage children and a husband. Four months later, her 16-year-old daughter came to me and…

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