The Wise Authors

Special Thanks to… (for Kindle),
Nesrin Sertel (for her great support),
Zeynep Sevil Güven (for her voluntereed support)
Gökçe Çiçek (For many translations she made),
Sibel Oltulu (Our lovely author and translator),
Burcu Oğuz (for her translations),
Feride Otkun Sabuncuoğlu (for her translations),
Nur Banu Uğurlu (for her translations),
Ahmet Rahmi Görkey (for his tranlations),
Yasemin Tokatlı (for her translations),
Bea Vanni (English editor of our first 4 issue),
Tuğçe Gerek (designer of first 7 issue’s PDF),
Mehmet Sobacı (for his cover design),
and many great translators that give their effort volunteerly for The Wise.

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