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Here are some topics from this issue:

Gulbeng: The Opening – Celalettin Berberoglu

Come, Come, Whoever You Are… – Hasan Sonsuz

If… – Ferhan Saral

Who Are You Really? – Hasan Sonsuz

What Kind of a Lover Are You? – Seda Vardı

The Inner-Chest – Münire Mine Arslan

Be What You Say – Yunus Emre Berk

Half Moon – Meryem Fatma Suna

Gods and Goddesses in Turkish Mythology – Tunç Pekmen

The Energy of Colors – Sinem Oktay

Through Suffering or Joy – Pınar Akpınar

Labor of Love – Güldehan Aysan

I Present My Hand to You, God – Ebru Alpaşar

Anatolia: A Legendary Journey – İpek Apaydın

Anchored in Anatolia – Özge Özdemir

Mardin: A City of Peace and Brotherhood – İdil Göksel

and many more articles from “The Wise” authors and poems from Anatolian Sufi’s…