Netflix ’s series Another Self introduced the masses to the concept of the family constellation, which is perhaps the most significant technique for bringing about change and transformation in our lives.

Due to the popularity of this TV series, which of course is set in our native Turkey, we at The Wise would like to give you some more detailed information about the family constellation.


First of all, I have to stress that the family constellation is a great gift to us from the Creator. Those who know this technique already benefit from it, because it’s a wonderful method that brings incredible healing to life.

It’s also the most magnificent work of theater that you could watch in your life, because the way people who participate in the constellation take on their assigned roles and play their parts is really mind-blowing. Those who are new to it and a little skeptical may think that it’s been rehearsed, but it’s impossible to do that.

You often cannot believe the scenarios you witness and the healing that follows this, especially with a competent constellation practitioner. But once you believe in it, you will never let it go. Of course, what you observe has nothing to do with theater—it’s actually rather about the experiences throughout life. Nobody is an actual actor.

Anyway, what is the family constellation?

(This article is taken from the latest issue of “The  Wise”. You can read rest of the article from here.)