First of all, let’s begin by explaining a paradigm. Paradigm is the individual and collective perception of reality that we believe without any judgment; we do not need to test it. Paradigm is like an unconscious belief system of our culture that we breathe in and do not think about it until suddenly we begin to see things differently. We think and communicate in the frames of these belief systems.

The paradigm holding us at a certain point for thousands of years is about to change. Time has come for a paradigm shift! Since man can no longer survive poverty, injustice and wars, the scientific adequacy of outdated rules and laws are now questioned while old patterns continue to lose their popularity. Suddenly, humans woke up and found themselves at the doorstep of a new awareness unrealized until now.

Paradigm shift can also be reckoned as a shift in the approved reality. When outdated views are proven to be wrong and insufficient, the paradigm needs to evolve. Sometimes this brings a quick process and at times a very slow one. At present, evolution is so speedy that 2012 will bring us the paradigm shift. Although this paradigm shift occurs individually, it will also be transpire collectively. Together with the closing of large cycles, the social paradigms change. That means outdated conditions require a new point of view. In astrology, we call this “The Change of Era.” Each era has an original way of world view and paradigms.

Now while we are at the edge of an era, we also experience a paradigm shift in science platform. For many centuries, the materialist physics conditioned us to believe that reality could be measured, and if measurable, then perception demanded it through the five senses. It also taught us that the only way of learning was to get rid of our feelings and subjectivism and replace them with a rationalist and objective view. In this mechanical system, the consciousness and the spirit hold no value. The spirit, consciousness and other metaphysical concepts remain underestimated because they cannot be measured by analytical methods of science. However, the mechanics of the new science state that we have a spiritual essence and we are eternal. The latest findings in physics and cell level show new bonds formed between science and spirituality.

Materialist Science

Due to the decade of 2000-2009, Quantum physics taught us that subatomic particles were not only linked to the physics and linear time concepts but also subject to some other rules. This changed our point of view about our mechanical and materialistic perception towards our Earth and the cosmos and allowed us to perceive all of these as a whole. According to this understanding, the Earth endures as an organic thing within time and place limits where everything links with each other.

The cosmos is a living organism and we are a part of it just like the planets, subatomic particles and our thoughts. With this view, we begin once more to think like ancient civilizations. The ancients perceived the Earth as a living entity; they believed everything had a spirit, and they were perpetual entities within this vitality. Nothing was constant and static. Everything was changing, transforming and being born again and again. Nothing was stand-alone; every little piece linked with other pieces of the whole. Nations lived in harmony with the tides of nature and with the rhythm of the sky. The goal of science was to understand and appreciate the glory of God’s creation and the divine order. While trying to understand the relation between the divine and the humane, the ancients did not perceive these two separate from each other; on the contrary, they experienced the divine within the material world.

In the sixteenth century, this view began to distort with the “scientific revolution.” Research and observation became the way to obtain knowledge, and this was called “scientific method.” After the seventeenth century, together with the views of Rene Descartes, the body and the spirit were viewed separately; consequently, the ties between science and the spirit began to detach. Descartes denied the mind’s influence on physical characteristics. He believed the physical body consisted of physical materials, but the mind formed an unexplained essence. Beginning with this era, science began to perceive the human body as only a machine.

Newton also perceived the earth as a machine. As a result, the cosmos was no longer considered a living and vibrating organism. With this new world view, people began to consider the world a mechanical entity—without life and no spiritual feature. In the last four-hundred years, materialistic science imposed upon us this motto: “Anything that is not perceived with five senses is not real!” and consciousness and the spirit ignored since they were not measured.

We began to believe science stood on the idea that everything was formed of material. This materialistic view found no success in explaining our experiences in daily life; however, we accepted this and thought we should follow its current rules and be “scientific.” We ignored everything that denied its rules. In his book The Self-Aware Universe, Amit Goswami explains, “We want to be scientific; we think we are scientific, but we are not. If we really want to be scientific, we must remember that science also changes with new discoveries.” Further, Goswami explains that today many physicists doubt there is something wrong with this materialistic realism, but they are afraid of sinking this ship. Materialistic realism has a negative effect on the quality of life of contemporary man. Its perception of the universe rests far and away from spirituality.

This materialist science departed from the divine order, and the real nature of humans cast us into depression. Especially Western cultures accepted we live in a materialist world quicker than others. Our materialist needs increased quickly, and we wanted to own better things because we thought the world was based on these materials. As a result, we departed from our humane characteristics and went after better possessions. However, our divine and celestial references always told us that we should live in harmony with divine order. In these references, we can see lots of warnings that materialism could lead to degeneration, diseases and devastating events. Finer clothes, better houses, advanced technological devices, and competition with others can temporarily be satisfying, but people feel depressed if they do not feed their souls or value spiritual assets. As our world is based on materialism, we face disharmony, economic instability, wars, crimes, overpopulation, food and water deficiency, and environmental pollution.

Unfortunately, we lost our warm relation between us and the earth. According to today’s scientific paradigm, we live in a mechanically dead cosmos and earth with no feeling and no spirit. This paradigm should end!

Dr. William Tiller, a former Stanford University professor and a founder of the Parapsychology and Medicine Academy, consulted for the American Government on metallurgy and solid substance physics and explained the reasons why this paradigm should change:

Our existing paradigm does not give credit to consciousness, will, feelings, mind and spirit. Our studies proved that the consciousness has certain affects on the physical reality. That means this paradigm shift will take place at last and together with this shift the consciousness will gain its importance again. The structure of the cosmos will enlarge beyond its limits in order to let consciousness in. (What the Bleep Do We Know?)

We are in a period when humans begin remembering who they are. We will again integrate with the Earth, and the new world view will surround all the religions and let us understand humanity.

Our Perception of Reality Is Changing

We can only create a better world when science and spirit come together again. The quantum cosmos reality will again link these two fields together, once separated by Descartes centuries ago. Quantum physics suggests that the mind affects the physical body. Our thoughts—energy of our minds—affect the physiology of our bodies.

According to Dr. Bruce H. Lipton, the author of The Biology of Belief, “the conscious mind not only “reads” the flow of the cellular coordinating signals that comprise the body’s “mind” it can also generate emotions, which are manifested through the controlled release of regulator signals by the nervous system.”

The mind that can think alone and know itself is a strong mind. It can observe our programmed attitudes, evaluate them and consciously decide to change them. We can choose how we will react or if we will react to any environmental signal. The conscious mind’s capacity of changing the pre-programmed attitudes of the subconscious is the basis of the free will. (The Biology of Belief, Lipton)

Quantum physics tell us reality is not what we see. Can reality change according to how we perceive it? Is our perception of reality linked with our consciousness? Does our consciousness create our physical experiences and bear responsibility for everything? I constantly asked myself these questions while reading a book about the interviews with the creators of the film What the Bleep Do We Know? In this book there were lots of ideas about who we are, what this life was, what was possible and what was not. Everything was linked to our perception of reality, and if willing to open our eyes to new possibilities, our reality could change.

Astrologic Evaluations

With an astrological point of view, we see the signs of change in our perception of reality because the Uranus-Pluto cycle moves rapidly towards the first-quarter phase. The first quarter of the planets signifies new beginnings. In 2011, this will gain speed and in 2012, reach a peak. This cycle will enter its first quarter exactly on June 24, 2012. Just before this date on June 6, 2012, we will also experience Venus transit. These are very critical dates because big changes will start as of these dates.

From 2012 until 2016, we will experience the Uranus-Pluto square seven times. A rare and extraordinary situation, indeed. Uranus-Pluto square signals big transformations beyond our control and imagination. As these two planets will make an active aspect, we should be ready for unstoppable changes, global revolutionary movements, unusual and unexpected radical developments and new situations requiring restructure.

On our journey to this new era, Saturn—the planet that represents our perception of reality—will be in challenging aspects with both Uranus and Pluto. That means the values represented by Saturn will also be challenged and a need for change. Saturn tends to tenaciously preserve the existing patterns and resist change with a desire to guarantee its possessions and the future. However, Saturn also obstructs development.

Sometimes to benefit from new opportunities, we must either take a risk or quit some areas of life. Unless we do that, we cannot be open to the development opportunities promised by change. Saturn rules our fears and relates to our worries about the future. While Saturn will be in harsh aspects with Uranus and Pluto in 2011 and 2012, we will experience some losses and changes in our standard patterns and assurances that we always hide behind. These harsh aspects of Uranus and Pluto will shake our standard order and balance.

The dam is full now and about to crack. The cosmic plan requires it. Together with the water coming from this crack, we must throw everything out. We will need to fight with the waves and make an effort to survive for a new future. If we still insist on our existing standards, the stress will be heavier and more radical events may come to the surface. We need to learn to flow with the stream.

If we can understand Uranus-Pluto energy, we may easily understand what we should expect from the period until and after 2012. Bill Herbst, an American astrologer, says:

The air we breathe will be loaded with electricity by Uranus and Pluto. Some of us will experience this archetypical change in this psychic atmosphere easily and some of us will just be shocked. We will see individual and collective responses all over the world. After the crisis, evolution, revolution and transformation will come. The death and the re-birth will be experienced simultaneously.

New Forms of Energy

Uranus-Pluto contacts have a strong forwarding energy. If we can benefit from this energy, we will gain an important advantage. A new form of energy can spring forth due to the Uranus-Pluto combination. The prophecy for 2012 is an energy shift. Perhaps, this new energy form will be the photon energy as mentioned by some scientists, who knows?

If change is repressed, then it gains power and proves to be unstoppable. Uranus in Aries will want to demolish everything that tries to control and limit its services of the new ideas, discoveries and solutions. The faster we adopt the reforms and changes, the more we contribute to this new world order. The changes we mention are mainly scientific, economic, social and spiritual. We will experience many changes in technology, medicine, psychology, machinery, space sciences, economy and many other fields we can’t imagine. Consequently, we will rediscover the divinity in our beings.

Together with the full entrance of Uranus to Aries in March 2011, the old methods began to vacate their places for the new ones. We will begin to see its long-termed effects in all areas of our lives. New points of view and new trends will spread quickly. Aries, an East sign, may mean eastern philosophy will surround the West more than ever. Aries also relates to new beginnings, and with the entrance of Uranus in Aries, a new cycle began.

Aries has a childish enthusiasm and works with courage to get want he wants. With Uranus in Aries, we will be glad to be a part of something. We will reach a new level of awareness and fresh energy for this new world order. We must be ready for radical changes in the coming days and the stimulating and awakening energies of Uranus!