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pausing myself
Featured, Life

Pausing Myself 

I am the child of a system that relentlessly forces us to study, work, produce, and rush, so I grew up believing that survival involved being busy with learning, doing stuff, and making things, regardless of whether it was necessary or beneficial for me. I…

my little ms
Featured, Health

My Little MS 

MS is the Turkish equivalent of BC (meaning “before Christ”) when referring to years before the birth of Christ. Since 2011, even though I still see the term in history books, these two letters have a completely new meaning for me. They now refer to…

the energy of colors
Featured, Life

The Energy of Colors 

Have you ever noticed how the colors of the rainbow and our chakras are in the same order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet? Each chakra draws on a different type of energy, and its status indicates the balance in our lives for that…

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