Author: Jillian Sawers

10 ways to energize your food

10 Ways to Energize your Food 

You might be careful about the caloric or nutritional content of your food, but the vibrational content is equally if not more important. Let’s explore the why’s and how’s of super-powering your foods. Although many ancient cultures were very conscious of the vibrations of their…

to minimalize or maximize!

To Minimalize or Maximize! 

How to find your perfect level of consumerism and your place along the minimalist/maximist continuum. On the road of materialistic consumption, some recent landmarks have included the industrial era, the post war 50’s when American advertisers sought to create a generation of consumers to keep…

spiritual birth

Spiritual Birth 

To be born spiritually means to awaken from the dream of death. To see as a perfectly obvious reality, that you are eternal spirit, the essence of everything. This physical world, universe in fact, is a place of constant change, decay; it is bound in…

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