Some grew up in small towns where holding hands with a man is a hot topic of conversation for days. Others began their womanhood having to endure their father’s rage whenever they communicated with men. Unconsciously, they learned to associate approaching men with getting into trouble. Going forward, they are unable to approach men. They hide their femininity, so men won’t approach them either. If it were possible, they would probably wish for their breasts not to grow, so they won’t get into trouble…

The mothers and grandmothers of some warned them to be wary of men. Because of this, they consider men to be something dangerous that shouldn’t be trusted. They see half of the planet’s population as a kind of boogeyman. In order to alienate themselves from men, they give up their femininity as well.

Some saw how many women around them were cheated on by their husbands and listened to the stories of adultery. They say to themselves, “I don’t want to be a woman like that,” so they disown their womanhood entirely.
In conclusion, because they abandoned their womanhood for one reason or another, these women take one of three different paths: going straight into motherhood by skipping their womanhood, becoming masculine, or remaining as a child.

When a woman forgets her feminine role and becomes a mother, her husband is compelled to become a child. When she becomes excessively masculine, she starts complaining about the passiveness and weakness of the men in her life. When she chooses to remain a child, she encounters either dependent lovers that cannot take responsibility or men that act as father figures. Therefore, I propose that a woman will meet a man only when she becomes a woman.
To what extent do you relate to the examples above? Do you have a feminine role model? Have you ever watched how that woman walks, talks, and approaches men?

For those who ask, “How am I going to do this?” the only reply would be to start observing! Examine yourself, your body, the women around you, your wishes, your desires… The change will occur because of this, by becoming aware…