Öner Döşer comes to mind when thinking about the absolute best astrologer in Turkey. Not only the leading authority on astrology in Turkey, but he is also brilliant in his astrological understanding and very serious about his art. Öner exacts the force behind Turkey’s School of Astrology which contributes to the world’s spiritual evolution. His school and students use a variety of tools to spread information by publishing on the internet about how astrology can transform lives and by giving courses and sharing interviews from television and radio programs.

While Öner Döşer is Turkey’s foremost astrologer, he receives much acclaim for his deep thinking reflected in his writings as well. He writes unique books synthesizing astrology with other spiritual and scientific knowledge and sources. With the coming of the transformative age of 2012, Öner shares a detailed explosion of information with us through his numerous books and articles, not only limited to astrology.

The Wise magazine had an interview with this important astrologer on the issue of 2012 and the changes that the world might face at that time.

What do you think the date of December 21, 2012 represents? Does it mean an ending or a beginning?

According to the Mayans, December 21, 2012, is the end of a cycle of 13 lunations (approximately 5125 years); however, this date is the beginning of a new cycle. I think December 21, 2012, is more likely a beginning. This is also how it looks in an astrological point of view. December 21-22 is when the Sun enters 0 degree in Capricorn at the beginning of a season. It symbolizes the entrance to the winter. Since December 21, 2012, is also a winter solstice, it is sure that a rebirth comes after an ending. We see rebirth not only in Mayan but also in other ancient cultures. For example, December 22 is the rebirth celebration day of ancient Turks. According to Muazzez İlmiye Çığ, who is an expert on Sumerian culture, ancient Turks gave great importance to the Sun. So, on December 22 when nights begin to shorten and days get longer, after a lengthy war, the day defeats the night and day wins victory over night. Ancient Turks used to celebrate this victory, rebirth of the Sun.

The date December 21, 2012, is an end; however, December 22 is an important rebirth date. So when we mention 2012, we also cite the rebirth of the human race. We do not refer to an end, only the best probable future. We express how to make a good beginning. We mention passing through a new door. I think 2012 is an exit door for us to re-create our future. From this step we are going toward an important time for making choices. Shall humanity wake up and gain a better consciousness or shall we repeat the same mistakes? Also, we do not have any guarantee of achieving an ideal future. We need to show effort for that. First of all, we need to focus on making a good beginning.

Can you explain the meaning of this date which will occur in Sagittarius?

The astrological chart of December 21, 2012, is noted as a day that will open the doors of an important transformation process for humanity. It shows stressed aspects and Venus stands at the focal point of the boomerang effect, giving important messages about the solution to these stresses. In astrology, Venus represents human relations, related to positive concepts such as peace, wellness, welfare and profit. In this chart Venus is in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is related with beliefs and everything foreign to us; therefore, we are urged to show love and understanding toward all foreign concepts from a larger, more philosophical point of view. Within the symbol of Sagittarius, there is a half-man, half-horse figure, shooting an arrow into the sky. This arrow is directed to a target in heavens. Venus in Sagittarius will give energy for humans to discover new places and to restructure their future with new beliefs. Now, it is time to become a Galactic Man.

You also mention Venus and the energy of love in your articles. Can you explain this?
Venus first comes to mind when we talk about love because it’s related to binding things together through the synergy of being together. It shows that we may be in a more creative harmony with life. We are going toward a period where some events will cause us stress and anxiety, and fear will increase. During this difficult period, we should remember to include LOVE in our lives instead of fear and worry. The antidote of fear and worry is love. To reach a higher level of consciousness and take us out of this difficult period, we should redesign our behavioral patterns. To succeed in this endeavor, we must first stay away from the feelings that decrease our energy frequency, like anger, hate and jealousy. We must learn to be tolerant and forgiving.

What does ‘rising the energy of love against the energy of fear’ mean?
Our beliefs design our lives. The answer to “Shall we live in fear or love?” shows in how we believe. If we believe that we live in a world full of fear, our mind and body are affected by this choice and we live an unhealthy life. If we choose to see a world full of love, our mind and body harmonizes with this and we become healthier. Positive thinking evolves in an environment which is full of love, and it is indispensable for a happy and healthy life. For a satisfactory and healthy life, we must replace fear with love.

Are we at the end or at the beginning of the time?

Both of them; every end is also a beginning. Mayans and other ancient civilizations called this transition period “end of the times” because they wanted to emphasize that the time concept will change for us. That is, we are at the end of the time concept. Perhaps by using the “end of the times,” the Mayans have tried to tell us that after a traumatic series of events, we would go beyond the third-dimensional frequency. According to esoteric knowledge, after the fourth dimension where we realize the time concept correctly, there is a fifth dimension where we go beyond this concept.

They may have wanted to emphasize that after this transition the abilities forgotten will be remembered again:
1. Telepathic perceptions and intuitions will be stronger.
2. Universal consciousness will be attained.
3. Our thoughts will manifest, and thus, we will achieve our desires.
4. We will affect our future in a positive way and move within time.

The scientists have confirmed that we are going towards the Aquarian Age. “Universal Man” is emerging; religions tell good news about the “Golden Age” and “Evolved Man.” Native Americans, and especially the Incas, informed us that “Shining Man” will emerge—all of them show the same thing, don’t they?

Mayans, who gave us many hints about the period of 2012, were interested in time more than anyone. They used time in a more complicated and detailed way. Modern man perceives time as linear. There is a fixed past, present and future. Mayans perceived time as cyclic. They believed that the passages of time repeat themselves in many of the ages. I think the Mayans mean that with the change of this age, we will pass into a new time dimension. Our time perception may change after a significant transition. I mean, time energy may show itself in a different dimension with a different vibration level. To understand this clearly, we must discover the secret of time.

What is time?

Time is an energy that flows to infinity in a periodic way. This current runs through events related to the whole universe and substances, and all the events in the universe coordinate as energy patterns tied to each other. If it is possible to increase the frequency of this current, then it may be possible to get free of time or to go beyond it. If we live some events that help us rise to this higher frequency, our consciousness may increase, so we can see atomic timelines that include both past and future.

Chiron, related to going beyond time, synchronicity, transition and bridge concepts, remains between Saturn in Uranus in the celestial sky. This is important because Saturn represents the mundane and limited things, while Uranus represents spiritual and unlimited things. Chiron, however, represents a bridge between the two. I believe this bridge will be a critical factor for us to solve the secrets of time (the boundaries of our minds and consciousness), and help us go beyond it. Saturn represents our ties with our destiny and our past; whereas, Uranus represents our fate and future. Chiron bonds the two to help us understand 2012, and then takes us beyond the barriers of our limited ideas to understand the new time frequency. The shifts in the magnetic field of 2012 will force us to live through a consciousness crisis, and at the same time, help us process all the concepts and new approaches for its time.

In your articles you mention that the feminine-masculine imbalance of the world will change and this will be one of the most significant signs of the Golden Age. Will you comment on this idea?
Venus, the focal point of the chart for December 21, 2012, is related to Aphrodite, the love goddess in Greek mythology, and represents the feminine principle in astrology. Since there is a boomerang effect in this 2012 chart and Venus sits at the exit point of this aspect, this shows me that women will have a crucial role in this transition and pioneer our way to higher consciousness.

In astrology, Venus also symbolizes the balance. Since Venus will be the focal point of this chart for December 21, 2012, I can easily say that the feminine energy will reveal itself and the balance maintained. Under these circumstances, women will be the ones to re-establish the balance. In this chart, Neptune is in Pisces, and there are also contacts between Uranus and Pluto. These show that women on the earth should lead the way in this transition period. At the edge of the Aquarian Age—the most critical factor in determining humanity’s direction—women should take the initiative, but both men and women bear this responsibility.

In 2012, there will be a paradigm shift of the subjects that emerged in the sixties. Familiar subjects should be re-examined, like human rights, freedom, woman’s place in society, the education of children, sexuality, beliefs, healing techniques, ecological ideas and technological globalization. Among these subjects, the most critical is the place of the women in society. Today, many women have a job and economic freedom, but we cannot say that the integration of feminine values in society is at a desirable level. The situation is even worse in the developing and under-developed countries.

Women will play an important role in our beliefs during the New Age because the ego of man is a barrier to devotion to a Creator. That’s why women should be on stage during the transition to this new age. The church should be reformed from under the control of men, and women should balance this situation. Still, there is discrimination on this subject. For example, the British Church refuses the right of priesthood to women. During the 2012 period, women will reject the Catholic Church’s edict that puts men in a superior position. We may also see serious restructuring movements in the social roles of women. The new age that we are entering will be balanced through feminine-masculine cooperation.

Since we have experienced the Iron Age (an astrological age of man, not an industrial time) and will soon experience transition to the Golden Age (astrological age), what is our duty during this transition period?

Good question! It gives me the chance to highlight a very critical thing. Many people think that in this transition period we will all be wiped out and more enlightened creatures will come to the world. The man of this new age—Aquarian Age, Crystal Age or Golden Age—will not come from the future’s darkness, rather he is already here and preparing to show his evolved image. That creature is us!

We are now in this period from the deepest point of darkness toward the dawn of a new day mentioned by the ancients. Our solar system is passing from the shortest place of its elliptical orbit. The far side of this orbit is taking us to the farthest point of our galaxy which is the center of Milky Way. Before our orbit in space takes us closer to our galaxy’s center, we must pass from the darkest place of the cycle before reaching the light of the coming cycle; just as everyday we must see the night to be able to see the morning.

From Indians to Mayans, many ancient civilizations defined our time as the “Dark Age” due to its wars, excessiveness and inequality. Mayan shamans also transmitted such information. Accordingly, we are at the end of the Iron Age called the “Dark Age,” then the Golden Age will come. Meanwhile, the Iron Age has not come to an end and the Golden Age has not yet begun. We are at the conjunction of these two ages.

In his book Last Round, Ergun Arikdal remarks…

This Age is a difficult one and the soul will live bad experiences. The soul will build a bridge between the end and the beginning, pass from darkness to light, the conscious widens. This Age is the one when the Divine Light will be explained. This is the age of intelligence, wisdom and preparation. The soul experiences the world only once. At the end of each age, the soul may see all the stages and may understand its role in the infinite drama.

The same information exists in psychic Edgar Cayce’s readings. Cayce said that as of 1998 we entered the New Age. The Iron Age is about to end and the wise men will be the heirs of the earth. Indeed, this will not be that easy. We are about to enter a period of disagreements, misfortunes and disasters that will test our souls. True, this will be a difficult transition period—a total cleaning and purification period. Hopis call this period “Great Purification.” On the petroglyph of the Hopi Prophecy Rock, we see two ways given for us: One includes technology without the natural and spiritual laws which causes chaos; the other is in harmony with the laws of the nature. If we choose the latter, we may regain spiritual harmony, but if we live according to our hearts’ desires, we may experience heaven on earth. If we choose the former, our end will be destruction. According to the Hopis, as children of Mother Nature, we must get rid of this chaos before it is too late. Now is the time to make a choice; we will either return to the original teachings or we will continue the way that leads to our destruction. What will happen depends totally on us, but it is obvious we are on the verge of great problems. Whatever the cost we pay, the good news is that at the end we will reach the truth and realize everything comes out of one single source.

Islamic sources also reveal similar findings. After the era of corruption, we will see the emergence of a mankind good and helpful to society. This mankind is called “Insan-ı Kamil” in Sufism. Azizuddin Nefesi, one of the greatest Sufis, defines “Insan-ı Kamil” as good morals and knowledgeable, good words and good actions. These values not only depend on moral actions but also on knowledge. Here, what we call knowledge is not limited to technological and scientific knowledge. It refers to understanding the Creator and his works; to learn the principles of the cosmos, to be conscious of evolution, and to contribute and serve that evolution consciously. This is what nourishes the human soul and fills the emptiness in our hearts.

We must realize the meaning and the purpose of our lives and how we are affected by divine unity, universal love and the infinite existence of oneness, the movement of the cosmos and the heavens, and divine rules that draw the path of our destiny. Astrology, one of the most important teachings, allows us to understand the divine order. When the spiritual and humanistic values are integrated into our daily lives, modesty, altruism and forgiveness are gained. We may then easily overcome this chaotic process and find maturity, and more importantly, evolve collectively.

This transition is also as much a doomsday as an awakening. Will the ones who succeed in this awakening remove their shackles existent in their natal charts? Will the charts be reset?

According to many mystic traditions, freedom from the shackles of our minds is only the first step we now experience toward inner-awakening. Beyond this, our minds will be opened to universal experiences and see reality from a different perspective. Some think that in 2012 we will live the doomsday that was mentioned in the religions and predictions, while others think this doomsday means “the awakening” with a new order established. I belong to the second group. I believe that this period will take us to a higher consciousness and we will re-discover our abilities and expand our capacities. High consciousness means to know the Creator and his works, the rules and the possibilities of the cosmos. Astrology helps to understand the reasons of this mechanism and the design of the cosmic plan.

Of course, our perspective in seeing our natal charts will change during this consciousness shift. We cannot say that our charts will be reset, but with the help of our higher consciousness and awareness, we will be able to go beyond the boundaries of our charts. Our natal charts show our duties and responsibilities. As long as we exist in our physical bodies on earth, we are tied to our charts because they show our worldly plans and abilities. The signs of the Zodiac are not the indicators of divine and spiritual powers; they are more the indicators of worldly and material effects that shape the creatures on earth.

Robert Zoller, an American astrologer and also my teacher, asserts:

As the man is mortal, he is subject to destiny but he is exalted above the sky; and he is therefore eternal so he is deathless and aware. His material side is ruled by destiny. His divine side is free. To be free from destiny, the latter should be enhanced. This is the essence of hermetic wisdom. Wisdom is the key of our prison of destiny. The wise man may be free from his natal chart (from the effects of it) and destiny. Anyway, he has to face the reality of physical existence! The body is subject to the management of the stars. The wise man should look into what his chart shows. But as they gain wisdom, they are also free. They know that they are not composed of only a physical body and what they are is not determined and cannot be ruled by destiny.

After 2012, we, especially those who work with astrology, will realize why we have chosen our astrological charts. We may be able to evaluate our charts in this aspect, but we are still not aware enough. To reach the desired wisdom level, we must first free ourselves from the boundaries of our minds. For that reason our karma, related to our natal charts, will survive. Karma shows us the path we should walk. After 2012, we will resonate more as karmic creatures; however, this next level of karma will be less strict. We have the power to free our future by taking control of our fate. We choose our Karma and the individual path we walk. This concept is different than what we call destiny. The way we choose to activate our potential is our fate.

Dr. Alberto Villoldo separates destiny and fate in his book, Mending the Past and Healing the Future with Soul Retrieval. I like his definitions and I interpret them astrologically: In our natal charts, Saturn represents our bonds that tie us to the past and our boundaries; Uranus represents our ideal fate that we may reach with the aid of our freewill and choices. Our inner nature rests within destiny; it is stuck between the pressures of society and compromise with little room for renewal. Physical events direct us while we ignore our own power and live by habit. We are unaware of our own reality. Fate, represented by Uranus, shows the active use of our potential. Realizing our potential only happens if we use our higher power. Our true fate comes to us when we activate our fate. It is all in our hands!