Hasan “Sonsuz” Celiktas
Dear Elif, I’ve seen great expression on your Facebook page lately. You said 2012 would be “the resurrection of the consciousness.” I would like to start our conversation with this. As we all know, many things have been said about 2012, but I think yours was one of the best comments. Could you explain what you mean by “resurrection of the consciousness” a little further?

Elif Hece Öztürk
I have always believed that time is a pool, and each person first creates a consciousness individually and later by collective interaction. This pool is filled by the collective consciousness, and it was about to overflow in 2012. During 2012 and later, humanity had reached a high level of technology and science. There is various garbage floating on the surface of the pool, but there is also a great deal of knowledge deeper down. This knowledge waits to be raised to the surface, and we are informed about it and know what is buried there. People have risen to a certain level of consciousness through the influences of their own experiences and those of others.
Because “knowledge” filled the pool of time, it became necessary for “Consciousness” to make a leap. Now it is relatively easy to reach any kind of knowledge. The values we once held sacred are no longer valid; they have become the garbage on the surface of the water. People have begun to discover their souls and their energy. They started applying knowledge by opening areas they can use for that purpose, so they started using knowledge that was purely theoretical before. Everything was for the purpose of becoming aware, and humanity has discovered itself once again. To resurrect means to straighten, rise, and awaken in Islamic terminology, so the human consciousness has resurrected. This has created disorder, which is actually chaos. The pool of time was full, so any unnecessary things had to be refined. Humanity would see what it has done to the Earth through the collective consciousness and fill the pool with this new level of awareness by first emptying it. The end of days, or what they call “asr-ı saadet” (the golden age) in Islamic terminology, is the period we are in now. With the help of the planets, which shed light on this period, we will go through a symbolic resurrection, ending in 2025, concerning the garbage in this collective consciousness. We are actually already in this period.
Hasan “Sonsuz” Celiktas
What do you mean by “symbolic resurrection”? What kind of things might we go through? It could be either individually or collectively. Yes, we will awaken, but our eyes will be blurry at first, so we will need to wash our faces. I believe this is what it means to clean the garbage from our subconsciousness. In other words, this is the time to identify the “dirt,” wash it off, and leave the bathhouse as clean as a whistle. How would that reflect on our daily lives? We always talk about disasters, wars, and violence. I really trust your astrological insights, so what do you think we should expect in the coming days?

Elif Hece Öztürk
Throughout history, the world has experienced many resurrections. They happened because of the role humanity created for itself through the collective consciousness. In concrete terms, many nations (such as Sodom and Gomorrah, Lut, Pompei, Ad, Semud) and even whole regions collapsed. We see how this period has experienced two different states of resurrection. Slaughter and resurrection are one and the same. These communities were so advanced in terms of technology, science, and art, but in addition to their advancements in those areas, they also deified themselves through the collective consciousness they created, by forgetting and denying that the source of existence is God. There were guides, awakened souls, and messengers who warned humanity on its spiritual path. These societies, which were experiencing the resurrection, experienced slaughter because they filled the pool to the point of overflowing and the garbage rose to the surface. Those who awakened and resurrected somehow managed to escape this slaughter and became the founders of the new era, the builders of the new pool. We could call this story “the Flood” as we know it. It should be noted there is a vision of an apocalypse here. The Earth remained the same as before, but what was experienced was a resurrection of the consciousness. Humanity was warned because it reduced its spiritual being to its id self. Later, nature and the sacred religions revealed these stories for people to learn from. We see there is a “Higher Consciousness.” If people do not follow this Higher Consciousness by focusing their energy, knowledge, and self-discovery on it, trying instead to deify themselves and make their physical bodies immortal, then they need a resurrection. Thus, what we do in our daily lives—our aspirations, services, information, and our removal from the principle of “for the Good of All”—cause the shattered consciousness to rise and prepare the way for humanity’s destruction.
It is impossible to know the exact time of the resurrection, but when we observe what is already there, both physically and scientifically, we see it is not a physical resurrection but rather an abstract resurrection of the collective consciousness we create together. There will be an elimination of the socioeconomic systems, regimes, national borders, taboos, and rules humanity has created, as well as the esoteric veils that conceal the sacred religions. The planet Neptune will be in Pisces until 2025 during the resurrection of the Consciousness. Because humanity understands that its general disbelief stems from its disbelief in itself, and because it realizes it has never really become one with the Divine because it blocks the energy coming from the Divine, the world will be taking a deep breath by the year 2025.
On the other hand, I can see how those who resurrect are greater in number. There are those who purify their consciousnesses and live with the wisdom, never collapsing regardless of the events in this apocalyptic scene. Each soul comes down to Earth with enough equipment to serve him in becoming a mature soul. Some choose a Christian path, while others choose that of Islam or Judaism. All believers try to clean up their own garbage. They seek the truth through their own religious programs. I see many who devote themselves to recovering the pearls buried deep, revealing this untouched knowledge, and resolving to use it in the service of humanity. I believe that at the level of knowledge that humanity has reached, humanity will be fighting its own idols. There will be intense violence and struggle, creating disasters, wars, and slaughter on a massive scale because of the use of new technology. After this, the Earth’s energy will balance, and the generation born after 2025 with the Aries–Neptune consciousness will live peaceful lives, creating justice in the world.
Hasan “Sonsuz” Celiktas
There is a substantial religious component in your answer. Do you think the resurrection is a religious concept? Or do you think what will take place after 2012 is related to the human consciousness beyond the religious stories?

Elif Hece Öztürk
Man is not the owner of the Earth; he is just a voyager, a guest. He is a creature that was honored by his creation; his being is empowered by intellect and willpower, and he is the most beautiful creature among the others around us. The universe does not work through coincidence. The distance between the stars and the great system the planets create within certain periods are based on delicate mathematical calculations. Astronomy alone is enough to indicate a great system created by a divine existence, yet we cannot consider this irrespective of the religious literature. As a person who has been interested in scientific research, I cannot think about the phenomena I witness without referencing religion, which is a cosmic principle.
There is the struggle between good and bad, black and white, in every religion, discipline, and doctrine. Even though the names and details differ, we know this fight has existed since the time of the ancient civilizations and will continue. It started with Cain–Abel, Agartha–Shambala, Lemuria–Atlantis, and Yin–Yang before it became the God–Devil relationship. They represent certain levels of consciousness; one stands for enlightenment, while the other represents the dark side of the human consciousness that creates negative energy. This is necessary for the system, because the Consciousness achieves improvement through these oppositions. The fear, anger, and remorse we feel directly affect the consciousness. There are levels that create such feelings. Who feels fear? Those who make others fear and reinforce the lower levels of consciousness. Who feels remorse? Those who harm themselves or other people, even if they don’t intend to. Who feels anger? Those who are attacked on a low level of consciousness.
I mentioned earlier that time is a pool filled with the human consciousness. Earthly time has a consciousness as well, because time is a being that improves together with man. We cannot reach the awareness we want if we think of resurrection irrespective of religion. Religions are cosmic principles, and 2012 is a suitable time. There have always been mature souls, guides, and enlightened people, but the difference of our time is that it is dissimilar to previous eras; there are very strange events, and a collective resurrection, that have to take place. We need to confront and remember our origin; it is time to see where we are within the building of the consciousness. Our dark side is not separate from us; it is an energy we create, and humanity will be more inclined to turn off the source of this energy. Individual thoughts and actions will give way to collective actions. A man is immortal with the consciousness he has rather than with his body or the things he owns. Our bodies are glossy, showy, and fleshy, while our souls are dull, sick, and weak. By revealing the truths concealed in religions, which are cosmic principles, humanity will be healed spiritually. This is a period where religions are corrupted, and people believe what they experience instead of experiencing what they believe. We will see the intervention of the Divine in this scene of resurrection, because this is a time when human beings are on a lower level of consciousness than animals. So, there has to be an ascension. The causes for this will certainly be dramatic, both on a consciousness level and during daily life.
Hasan “Sonsuz” Celiktas
There is great activity in the sky during our time. There are eclipses, special alignments, and phenomena that occur only once a century. We are faced with strong influences that bring confrontations. Through your research, have you found any other periods when humanity was exposed to such an intense bombardment of energy? Do you think this activity is normal? There are always solar and lunar eclipses after all. Is this a different period with special influences in terms of astrology?

Elif Hece Öztürk
The Sun and Moon have made their periodic movements since the beginning of the Earth. The Sun never forgets to set, and the Moon never forgets to appear at night. Astrology is older than Astronomy. It was born in Babylon, which was progressing at a similar level of consciousness to that of ancient Egypt at the time. The Babylonians erected ziggurats to observe the sky, of which you can still see the remains in Mesopotamia. They recorded events on Earth in line with the activities in the sky and compared them to the times when the planets and stars were at the same positions. One of the best-known facts was how they noticed the Nile River, which was the source and power of life at the time, flooded when Sothis (Sirius) rose in the sky. When we compare the circumstances of that period with those of the present, we see it was easier to contemplate, observe, and investigate during the older times. Could this become scientific research for no other reason? No, of course not! It was because of the same prophet who is known as Prophet Idris in Islamic theology; Hanok in Christian and Jewish theology; and Enoch, Manu and Hermes in ancient wisdom. He was the one who was granted wisdom. He was the first to use a pen, write, create an alphabet, and invent the needle and thread; he was also the first tailor. He was the first to be blessed with the wisdom of the stars. In the Holy Books, it is written that he lived for 365 years and did not die. Instead, he directly ascended to God’s level. His lifespan points to a solar calendar, and there are still so many mysteries about this subject. This might sound banal, but humanity is not ready for this topic on this level of consciousness.
I cannot say that only astrology affects the Earth and human life. According to my observations and the statistics I have recorded, the planets between the Sun and Saturn, which are called the personal planets, affect human consciousness. However, the magnitude of this influence varies depending on the education, traditions, manners, or beliefs of the subject and the environment he or she was raised in. The effect also depends on people’s previous experiences. What we again see here is how the world is a testing ground, a school. If you pass your exams, you proceed to a higher class. If you don’t, you remain stuck while having other classes to complete, so you fall behind instead of progressing. This makes you angry, so you become tough and move away from human consciousness. You start to develop an animalistic timidity and barbarity.
The planets may bring you rewards, or create an occasion for rewards, while they pass through the points on your birth chart, which is your dynamic frame of destiny. They might also bring you clarity of thought, because you might miss the chance once again because of the previous lessons you missed. Yes, we can use the energies of the stars and planets in our favor depending on the level of consciousness we have developed through the tests we have passed. There is this verse in the Qur’an:
Every man’s fate we have fastened on his own neck.” The Night Journey/ 13
The effort here is related to the willpower and wisdom granted to human beings. We are talking here about an undecided destiny that human beings will improve or worsen by their own efforts. The energy of the stars directly affects human consciousness. The soul is energy, and a human’s drives and cognitive functions depend on the soul.
The planets in the sky align in a special series from time to time. It is observed that solar flares increase during such alignments. Activity on Earth increases, and people become anxious, with fights and conflicts becoming more frequent. But this should not necessarily cause us to predict the world’s end and alarm people. The planetary alignments sometimes comprise three planets, while at other times they comprise five. The data for this is easily accessible. For instance, there was a full moon on the Aries–Libra axis on October 3, 1982. The moon was in a triggering position, the planets were aligned, and Neptune was on the Galactic point in Sagittarius. During 1982 and later years, there were rapid technological advancements in the areas of informatics and communications. We soon learned about the AIDS virus, the Berlin wall was demolished, and the USSR fragmented. We cannot attribute these solely to an alignment, however. The eclipses are extremely important. The phases of the Sun and Moon do trigger some events. It is the eclipses, the new moon, and the full moon that have profound effects on sociological, cultural, and political changes.
One of the most important details is that there are three or four solar and lunar eclipses every year. We have a new moon and a full moon every 14 days. However, the ones we should consider are the eclipses on the axis of Aquarius-Leo-Scorpio and Taurus, which we call the fixed signs. The location areas of these signs are the energetic gates of the Earth. They indicate the times when the Earth will release the energy she has accumulated, and humans cannot avoid this. In a way, this is the absolute fate of the Divine Creator manifesting itself. Let me give you another example. There was a lunar eclipse on the Scorpio–Taurus axis on April 24, 1986. Two days later, on April 26, there was the tragic Chernobyl disaster. The positions in the sky were again on the fixed signs, and there was a Saturn–Chiron opposition between Gemini and Sagittarius. Saturn is known as the malicious planet, while Chiron points to social pain. Uranus was positioned very close to the galactic point. Another example could be the earthquake of August 17, 1999. There was Leo, one of the fixed signs again, on August 11, which had tremendous effect. Soon after a solar eclipse, the great earthquake occurred. The planets were positioned in Taurus–Aquarius and Scorpio, which are fixed signs. Chiron was in Scorpio, and there was a Cross or Big Square in the sky. Another recent example would be February 18, 2011. There was a full moon in Leo on the Aquarius–Leo axis, again fixed signs. The tsunami in Japan came shortly after. Neptune was opposed to the Sun and made a Square with the Sun throughout the founding of Japan.
I did not worry about December 21, 2012 because I could clearly state, based on my observations, that there would not be a physical apocalypse. There would not be a photon belt, as was exaggerated, or a great overnight awakening, because I can easily claim the resurrection of the Consciousness started on February 9, 2009. There was a planetary alignment on December 21, 2012 that happens once every 200 years. On this day, there was the aspect of Yod, which means the Hand of God. This is a very important concept for the Cabbalists. It represents God and His intervention in the world of mortals. Jupiter in Gemini will be in opposition to Venus in Sagittarius. At the peak of Yod, Saturn in Scorpio made a 150-degree non-convergence angle. This same angle was present between Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn, which made a 60-degree angle. Consequently, there was the YOD angle pattern. This is a very extensive subject, but astrologists should understand what I mean.
Later, we had Venus and Mars retrograde during 2012. Venus completed its eight-year pentagram cycle that started in 2004. Within the same month, we had two full moons and a new moon in August, yet their importance was related to the Venus pentagram. This alignment will stay until March in 2013. The most important event was the partial solar eclipse on December 28, 2012. We will experience its effects over the 17 months starting in 2013. This eclipse will be a true cleansing of all the unbalanced factors in every area of life. Those who resurrect their consciousnesses will raise their voices, while those who hide themselves in caves will die out. Unearned gains, unfair judgments, and any form of injustice in any area of life will come to an end—the garbage will be cleaned up. The partial lunar eclipse and full moon that will take place on the axis of Cancer and Capricorn will eliminate the statutes, the economy, the unfair judges, and any who have undeserved positions. In other words, it will be a time when the major things become minor and the minor things become major, a time to cry, “The king is naked!” This is what we need. Even though this will not be a pleasant time for the “garbage,” we will bear all these difficulties for the sake of the pure atmosphere that is to come after 2025, and it’s worth it.
Hasan “Sonsuz” Çeliktaş
Elif, thank you very much for the valuable insight you have given us.

Elif Hece
Thank you, Hasan.