Yes, and you can do it as well. Don’t forget it! To heal cancer, you should be aware, informed, and adept while respecting and blessing the cancerous cells and the information, hidden lessons, and healing powers they contain.”Dr Zhi Gang Sha says in his book Power Healing: The Four Keys to Energizing Your Body, Mind and Spirit: “While your cancer is a waste for your body, it is actually nutriment for another.” The book also contains further explanation of this statement.[1]

I wholeheartedly agree with what he says, but it’s hard for someone with no knowledge about energy healing and energy body healing to accept, even after reading Dr. Sha’s reasoning.

I’d like to emphasize the difference between energy healing and energy body healing at this point. Energy healing is a process that involves moving existing energy from a source to a certain other point in order to meet a deficiency. For example, Reiki is an energy healing method employed by many people. Similarly, bioenergy is another energy healing method, but it’s less popular because of the amount of knowledge, training, ability, patience, and experience it requires.

Providing solid evidence about how this all works is not my job, but nevertheless, I think I should explain my own perceptions about it.

I encountered both Reiki and Bioenergy in 1996. I was still in the third month of my Shiatsu training when I took the first degree of Reiki attunement. I recall being highly skeptical to hear the system had three degrees in total, and each degree needed only a day to complete, even though I completely trusted my friend who had introduced me to Reiki and its degrees.

How can this be possible? Just think about it. What we’re talking about here is a healing method that’s a cure for all ailments. I was in a Shiatsu training program for three months already, and I still couldn’t touch the entire back area of a person. There was another full month before I would be able to heal the whole back area. What’s more, I needed another five months before I would be able to touch—and to an extent heal—the entire body. According to what I had learned back then, healing is special and not so easily done. It requires labor, devotion, and patience, yet my friend suddenly claimed that I could start healing with Reiki after just one day.

Frankly, part of me said, “No way!” but another part told me I had nothing to lose from trying it, so I finally decided. One Saturday morning, I went to my friend’s house, where she was hosting a session. I met my dear master Moti Siboni that day. By the end of the day, there was a sweet, prickly energy flowing through my palms. My friend was right. I had no freaking idea about how it happened, but the energy was there.

Starting that day, I began to make use of my newly obtained Reiki powers in my Shiatsu training. I would open my Reiki channels before I started working with Shiatsu and plead for its help during my sessions. When I healed my friends, they would say, “Your hands are made to heal. I feel very relaxed and in good health.” I’d suddenly brighten up at this. I was performing both energy healing and energy body healing in the same session.

I wasn’t that interested in how Reiki worked at that time. I wasn’t really capable of explaining it, either. In fact, I still can’t explain it today. From what I understand, a dormant energy-transfer center in our brain activates during the ritual, so a previously unused ability comes to the surface.

After that, I took the second degree of Reiki initiation, and I became a certificated Reiki master on December 30, 1997. I started and finished my journey with the same master.

In the same year, I decided to take bioenergy training in addition to Shiatsu. This method is also based on moving energy from one place to another, although it has significant differences.

The most significant difference is the length of the training. Reiki initiations are completed in a single session, while the basic bioenergy training requires eight months (based on one four-hour session once a week) plus another eight months if you wish to progress to an advanced level.

Another difference regards the technique. When performing Reiki, you leave everything to the Reiki energy. You wish for the goodness of the person and the whole, and you put your hands on the same part of each person in the same way. On the other hand, in bioenergy, you need to read the energy in the third eye and the heart chakra, determining what each person needs to receive and transferring those specific energies. [2]

We can summarize this conscious energy transfer process (bioenergy) as summoning the free quantum energy particles so as to load them with the frequency of the human body, directing them to a specific part of the other person for healing.

As for energy body healing, skilled hands map the energy blockages in the body and move the accumulated internal energy to other areas that require extra energy. Shiatsu and Reflexology are the best-known examples of such healing techniques.

To put it more profoundly, energy healing methods like Reiki and Bioenergy are based on balancing the internal energy by charging the minerals, such as iron, magnesium, and zinc, while energy body healing methods like Shiatsu and Reflexology try to balance the internal energy by moving the blocked energy from one place to another.

Each of these methods are equally valuable, and it’s not right to talk about supremacy.

When we look again at Dr. Sha’s method, we see he actually encourages the use of both of these methods in conjunction, much like I did when I decided to use Reiki and Shiatsu hand in hand.

By the way, I’d like to underline that when it comes to diseases like cancer, manic depression, and schizophrenia, energy healing methods are much more effective than energy body healing. As I said above, it’s not about supremacy but rather having a range of choices when needed.

Now let’s try to understand the matter more deeply. In his book, Dr. Sha describes what we know as Qi, which is energy gathered as a result of cell activity.

When I’m asked in my training sessions about what Qi is, I say, “It’s energy that feeds on everything and also feeds everything, thus enabling our continuity.” I guess both of these explanations are perfectly in harmony.

Everyone who has some knowledge about physics knows that matter consists of atoms, and atoms are composed of electrons, which are perpetually in motion; space; and a nucleus. I assume there’s no need to point out that every motion creates an energy flux, and everything needs energy to move. In my opinion, the life force Qi occurs like that. Atoms need energy to vibrate. They absorb the energy generated by the other atoms and then radiate their own energy, creating the infinity of the life force.

I think animate objects are a good example of this recirculation. The cells in organisms are like a large-scale version of atoms with their nucleus, membrane, and the space between them. First, the cell shrinks and discards the concentrated/heavy energy inside. Then the specific light in this energy separates from the vibrational toxin and returns to our source of energy. This vibrational toxin moves out of the body, and the energy field is purified by the clean energy in the atmosphere. Our source of energy sends back the same amount of pure energy with the same light to the cell. The cell expands using this energy, and the space within enlarges to accommodate and store the energy all over again.

This process continues to eternity, whether we realize or not, and what we call illness occurs when this process is interrupted by various factors. When the cell cannot store energy properly, the energy piles up outside of the cell, and vice versa.

We can find many examples that interrupt the energy flow and the contraction–expansion process. I should note that the body shuts down certain acupuncture centers by itself when it needs protection. When we encounter an energy that our genetic code labels as harmful, these acupuncture spots, namely the small energy spots, automatically shut down. In this way, harmful energy is prevented from joining our essential light deep within. The body activates its sources to resist this harmful energy, and as the phrase goes, it starts a real energy war.

When the danger and the need for self-defense dissipate, these energy spots once again activate and regulate the energy flow within the body. If this defensive shutdown last for a protracted period, the acupuncture spots cannot find enough energy to activate themselves again and return the metabolism to normal operation.

If this harmful energy is caused by a new painting on your wall, the color of your new car, the mood of a person in your office, or some other external factor, there’s no way for the acupuncture spots and the energy canals to activate again unless we permanently neutralize this factor. This creates problems that obstruct the natural flow of energy and cannot be resolved without external help.

In answer to your potential question of, “How is it possible to meddle with this flow?” We must return to our cells.

When the energy accumulates on the outside of the cell wall, the space within fills with vibrational toxin. When it builds up on the inside, the space holds unnecessary energy, and so general health is impaired.

Specialists in holistic energy healing and energy body healing deem that this interruption of the energy flow must have a mental cause, and I agree with this approach. Since our topic is cancer, let’s examine the possible mental causes of it.

According to this holistic approach, the mental attitude causing cancer manifests itself as egocentric behavior. In the book The Healing Power of Illness by Ruediger Dhalke and Thorwald Dethlefsen, the medical doctor and the psychologist both share the same opinion.

I want to point out a significant detail here. Many of us are stuck between the idea of good and bad in our lives. In particular, those on a spiritual quest believe we need to be “the salt of the earth.” We try to stick to this image of a good person and prefer to overlook or silence our “bad” sides.

The origin of this energy blockage, which is making us sick, lies in this attitude. None of us has to match the description of a good person. What’s important is whether we act according to the greater good or not. If we generalize the situation, when at least 51% of our deeds benefit the environment and society, we can consider ourselves good people.

People love drama, and they support scenarios where the good person is in charge and superior to the bad. These people are instilled with the notion of justice. Someone that is fair and just is considered good, while the other is bad. It’s as if they can measure goodness without knowing what “badness” is.

If life is a theater play, it needs to have at least a couple of main characters to make it interesting.

That’s why most, if not all, plays have at least one thoroughly good and one thoroughly bad character. This struggle between good and evil has continued through the ages, and it still goes round in circles. If we consider life to be a huge stage where countless scenarios are being acted out in unison, then it surely seems possible to live together with all the good and all the bad. Moreover, even when people work for the greater good, they sometimes tell little white lies, envy other’s success or health, desire wealth, or yearn for something they can’t have, so they change their way of living.

We need to be at peace with our feelings in order to accept and express them. Then our bodies, minds, and spirits will not need to point out that we don’t accept our feelings about a certain situation, so the energy can continue its natural flow.

If we keep insisting on being a “good person” and ignoring our darker sides, our bodies, which don’t have a social-identity ego and therefore don’t need to lie, readily sacrifice themselves just to show us our inner worlds. In other words, they get sick without hesitation.

I’ve just said that cancer patients are usually “egocentric.” Let’s analyze this remark.

We live our lives by taking second-hand behaviors and attitudes toward life as the truth. Since most of us have the mentality of never having enough, we keep believing that resources are being held back from us, and one day, we’ll be deprived of them completely.

Whether we realize it or not, our parents, teachers, friends, and rulers impress the notion of limited resources, stressing that everyone has a different destiny, and sometimes things can get limited in our minds.

Those who don’t feel any trust toward life and its resources fall into the habit of hoarding their resources instead of sharing them with others. They gradually reach a point where they always expect something in return for every little thing they do.

I don’t have the heart to end this section without emphasizing that what lies beneath this egocentric attitude is actually the mentality of believing in things like, “I’m a worthless person. I’m useless. Nothing comes my way. I always have to make do with the bare minimum. I better save my money for myself.”

You see a man diagnosed with lung cancer, and his condition is almost hopeless. His family are very sad because they cannot understand why this gracious man got so sick.

He asks his God, “Why am I so sick when I helped people whenever they needed it? Do I have no value in your eyes?”

As you see, the man still refuses to take responsibility for his own life. Good things happened to him because of his own labor, but the bad things came from God. Wonders never cease…

In fact, this man helped everyone who needed his help because he needed what he received in return, even if it was just a small display of endearment. He’s so mistrustful about life that he gives love, affection, knowledge, money, and anything else he can afford to give. His only wish is to be loved and respected. He needs other people to give him the love and respect that he never grants to himself. The more he controls the resources the better. This way he can help more people and buy their love and respect. He’s just not aware of this situation well enough to confess it to himself or anyone else. He never thinks, “I’m desperate for love, so I act egocentrically by using resources for my own self-interest by buying people’s love and affection.”

Then you see another man, who we’ll say “carries a deadly adder in his pocket,” yet he’s exceptionally healthy. Even if you can understand the situation from within, your mind, which is shaped by your adopted truths, tells you that something’s amiss. You would say, “That good man grows sick with lung cancer, yet this useless man lives his life healthily. Is that justice?” The situation, however, is as plain as day. One of them gives everything he has for the sake of the response he’ll get, while the other is honest in telling the world, “I live for myself. I deserve everything I have, and I don’t have to give anything to get what I need. Call me egocentric if you like, but I don’t care.”

Since disorders are signals warning us about our darker sides, it’s natural for the man who gives to receive to be the one who falls sick, while the honest one stays healthy.

I’m usually asked, “Well, then why are infant children diagnosed with leukemia? At what point did they learn to act egocentrically?” It makes me happy to get this question, because I get the chance to explain the concept of reincarnation, at least as I understand it of course.

Genes have their own memory, and modern science agrees with this. When children are born, they automatically inherit their parents’ genetic codes. Let’s say someone on the maternal side was very egocentric, went to war, and died there. This person didn’t have time to face the egocentric energy within, let alone become sick. A member of the new generation is born with this energy to prevent the whole family from suffering this heavy burden. [3] This new person wants to get rid of this energy as early as possible so he can move on with his own life.

In this case, the young child who wants to relieve his parents and other family members of this energy cannot prevent the consequences, and thus he supports his family’s learning process while learning the lesson himself at the same time.

When the truth behind the disorder is recognized and accepted, the problem resolves itself because there is no longer a need for the lesson. But when people refuse to learn, the child cannot help but suffer and eventually pass away. The mission is passed to the next generation or another family member who is close to the original egocentric behavior.

In my opinion, it’s no coincidence that the most common type of cancer in children is leukemia. Our blood is what carries the most information about our family tree. I think children who once felt unwanted, even when in the womb, are more vulnerable to blood diseases later in life. The child, or the fetus we believe to be unconscious, feels the rejection deep in its soul, and this causes it to be born with a huge spiritual wound. This wound can manifest itself as a blood disease, even after years. In some cases, the baby may be sick at birth.

Let’s return to our main topic of cancer. How come the cancerous cells form in egocentric people? Consider your body to be a community of individuals called cells. Just like we act according to our learned truths, our cells develop personalities according to the patterns we form in our minds. Just like egocentric people using resources for their own self-interest while also denying it, the cells start to use the body’s resources for their own self-interest while also denying it. In fact, this situation occurs each and every day. These egocentric cells are first warned by the antibodies and then easily destroyed. As the person refuses to change his egocentric behavior, these egocentric cells gain in number, and eventually it’s so crowded that the antibodies cannot fight them anymore. The body sacrifices itself so the person can learn.

How come? The cell shrinks and discards the polluted energy, but when it starts to fear it can’t get enough energy to fill the space within, it tries to hold on to more energy. Other cells that witness this situation are also struck with the fear of not being able to get enough energy, so they show a similar behavior. In due course, the cells start feeding on this excessive energy and multiply at a faster rate than normal.

In this case, the first thing should be to gently persuade the person about their egocentric behavior and transfer the excessive energy to somewhere else. While removing the cancerous cells can work for a while, real healing seems improbable while the cause is still present. This may be the reason why the medical doctors cannot handle the illness following metastases, despite all their eager and profound efforts.

I’m afraid that in such cases, moving the excessive energy to another area of the body wouldn’t work. Such a transaction does nothing more than contaminate healthy cells with the same vibrational toxins emerging from the mental process.

Alternatively, Dr. Sha recommends transferring this energy from the cancerous area to another person’s body. This way, the essential light in the excessive energy returns to the energy source of the stricken body, while the vibrational toxins mix into the atmosphere. The excessive energy is purified and strengthened, ready to heal the ill person.

If you’re curious about how it’s done, you can consult Dr. Sha’s book and learn more about it. I used this same method many times in my novice years to support the improvement of plants, so I avoided the risk of harming another person. Naturally, I kindly asked the plant to bless me and the sick person concerned.

I can hear you asking how I did this. To put it briefly, I directed my left hand, which enables the energy input, toward the sick area and pointed to the plant with my index and middle fingers. I was intending to take the accumulated excessive energy and direct it to the plant and its soul to support its growth. I imagined the excessive energy coming out and purifying in the atmosphere before entering the plant at where I was pointing. I didn’t interfere with the process until I felt the energy flow had stopped by itself.

And what were the results you ask. My plants started to grow at an unbelievable pace. Come and see them for yourself if you like.

As for the patients, they now have a much more optimistic approach to life. They appreciate the smallest improvements in their condition, and they understand this was just complementary to the usual medical procedures and would never work by itself.

If I can do it, you can do it too. Don’t forget this! To be able to heal cancer, you should be aware, informed, and adept while respecting and blessing the cancerous cells and the information, hidden lessons, and healing powers they contain. In other words, it’s necessary to respect the illness as much as you respect the patient.

[1] Zhi Gang Sha, Power Healing: Four Keys to Energizing Your Body, Mind and Spirit (page 285)
[2] If you have questions, contact me at or
[3] Bert Hellinger, Acknowledging What Is: Conversations With Bert Hellinger