Author: Zeynep Sevil Güven

why do we get ill?

Why Do We Get Ill? 

For sure, every person who has an opinion about illnesses puts forward various explanations according to how they interpret information from their fields. However, it also depends on their capacity to read and interpret what comes from their own consciousness. Those who haven’t yet progressed…


Frequency Poisoning 

Looking from the perspective of frequency, following any illness, if the body is not fully recovered, you will see its effects on the frequency level, sometimes even for years. This is “normal” because western medicine focuses on the illness more than the patient. It removes…

our pride

Our Pride 

What do we see when looking down on others with a cocky know-it-all attitude and taking pride in our substantial talents. Do we deem ourselves grand and belittle those who can never be at our level? But if being small is so bad, why do…

my violation of “i”

My Violation of “I” 

The world’s population has now exceeded seven billion people. Consumption is still increasing, and it’s commonly accepted that the resources being ripped from Mother Earth are fast running out. All the initiatives that we have taken, such as recycling, are not enough to protect the…

honoring the money

Honoring The Money 

A few years ago, I was visiting Greece while the economic crisis unfolded. I told one of my friends there, “My grandmother’s from Thessaloniki. I‘ve also worked in Greece a lot and earned my living, so I’d like to help out.” I then asked him…

there are no secrets

There Are No Secrets 

The term secret is misleading. In the oneness of the universe, we cannot hide anything from the inner wholeness of everyone else. If you try to hide something, you spend your time and energy in vain. The creative power of the universe gifted everyone with…

compassion and pity

Compassion and Pity 

It’s not the event that afflicts a person but rather how the mind judges the event according to the predefined opinions of society. Wise people say, “A person who shows emotions while watching a sentimental, touchy movie is a healthy minded person. A person who…

rising hertz

Rising Hertz 

Spiritual evolution simply comprises the rise of emotional and intellectual vibrations generated by the beings who live on, and share, the world. Any kind of thought that supports reaching the conscience of oneness and wholeness gives a Hertz boost to the synergy of the world….

one who has been, dies!

One Who Has Been, Dies! 

Time is moving so fast, and we are being seriously affected by the energy flow we experience in our time. Many have chosen to be affected more gradually by inwardly contemplating themselves. On the other hand, those who try to superficially intellectualize events with old…

which one do you choose?

Which One Do You Choose? 

If you presume your “old life” ended yesterday and your “new life” began today, cut in two as if by a knife stroke, you’re seriously wrong. If you do, you will encounter elements that trigger and show your internal darkness more than ever before. Blaming…

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