I first connected to the Internet in 1998 because my brother urged me to. I don’t know why, but I routinely said “No” to any innovations at first, but later I embraced all the things I had earlier refused. Once my brother forced me to get an Internet connection at home, he could not separate me from the computer. My Internet adventure began with surfing, IRC, ICQ, and MSN, and now it is here: You’re reading this e-magazine thanks to the Internet.

You would maybe laugh at me if I tried to tell you how useful and helpful the Internet is. We all know what the Internet brings to us, as well as how it has integrated so much into our lives. Anyway, I always think: As humans, we possess many technological tools and devices, but do they cause us to fall away from our human abilities? Sometimes during my conversations with people with psychic abilities, they say things like, “We don’t use mobile phones because we have a special connection with the people in our group, and we can communicate via our thoughts.”

This may sound fantastic, but if we had the ability to connect to our akashic records, it would be much more special than the things we share on our Facebook walls, wouldn’t it? The journey of humanity is a journey of the ONENESS, and our individual experiences exist within this ONENESS and you can, if you know the path, connect to the experiences of others. You know, we share lots of photos on our Facebook walls: the places we go, the food we tasted, and the people we love. What we really want is to share the feeling of our experiences, but this is only possible in a limited way. Imagine you are in the Temple of Athena in Assos and fascinated by the Mediterranean Sea in the distance. While you are fascinated, thousands of people are connected to this experience, and they are also fascinated. This is the experience of ONENESS, and perhaps one day we will share our experiences like this without needing technological devices. Yes, no one will earn money from this, and that is why many people will disregard it. However, in Turkish we have an idiom that says, “You can’t puddle the sun with mud.” This means that sooner or later humanity will develop these abilities, regardless of the personal interests people reflect to the world and humanity.

Until then, we have the Internet, which we will examine closer in this issue. You will read articles discussing whether the Internet has a spirit or not and how we can benefit from it in terms of spirituality.

We hope we can present you with the chance to think about the Internet more and maybe give you something new to consider.