There were already some pictures on the paper, but I was told to draw over them. I wasn’t that good at drawing, but I started nevertheless.
I continued my enthusiastic drawing. Later, when I looked at the entire picture, I realized I had not used some colors at all, whereas I had finished others completely.
Luckily, some people I knew gave me new crayons. I had new colors, some of which I used frequently and others rarely. Thanks to these new experiences, I was now able to draw better pictures. Sometimes of course, some menacing boys would take my crayons and break them. Other times, a playful friend would scrawl over my picture to make fun of it. No matter what happened, I continued drawing!
I gave some of the crayons I never used to the others, because I didn’t know I would need them to complete my picture. I didn’t know the beautiful colors I could create by mixing the colors.
One day, I looked at my picture carefully. It looked beautiful, but some details were missing. What I had drawn up to then was just a background—a background with some dominant colors but with other colors completely absent!
I cannot explain how happy I felt!
I grabbed the colors I never used before and began working on the details. It was time to draw the picture of my life! I was relaxed, knowing I had a strong background to draw the details on! Yes, now I could draw better pictures and decorate them with beautiful colors.
Starting that day, I painted my picture more eagerly. When I finish it, my picture will answer this question: “Can you draw the picture of happiness?” I will reply, “Yes, here it is! The picture of my happiness, which I have drawn from the day I was born. I worked a lot on it, and I was bogged down by the details, but at last I did it: I painted the picture of happiness.”
When I frame my picture, the others will say, “She was an ambitious woman, and at last she did it.” Everyone will realize I am a hero. Perhaps they will be surprised, because they all know I do not have a magic wand. They also know I admire people with psychic powers but am not clairvoyant or clairaudient myself. Astral projection is something I know only from books and films. They will be surprised that I succeeded without any magical powers. They will ask, “How did she manage to be the hero who painted the picture of happiness?”
I will burst with pride and say, “I have a powerful heart, a thinking brain, and great faith in myself! I can do anything I want. I have all the cosmic energies within me; I am the most gifted hero on Earth!”

Sibel Oltulu