We refuse to take the responsibility for our own lives and instead seek to place the blame elsewhere.
We are never aware of our own strength, so we search for it in other places.
When our favorite sports team scores, no matter how, we become ecstatic, but should the rival team score, we go crazy and swear our lungs out.
We talk about love constantly, but as soon as a conflict arises, we immediately turn to anger.
We keep talking and thinking negatively and then wonder why the world is as it is.
We may carry the photo of a beloved leader in our hearts, but we never try to understand his or her actual work.
We talk about illumination and consider ourselves illuminated, but as soon as things deviate from the plan, we release all our darkness, right there and then.
We try to present the best version of ourselves by ignoring and suppressing our wounds.
We ask for suffering to end, yet we love to feed off it.
We know best, and we love to show off what we know, yet we rarely bother to embrace and live by what we preach.
We proclaim, “The only path I know is my own, and this is the only path I accept,” and so we impose it on others. If we then don’t get the result we wanted, we make a fuss about it.
We do not realize the essence of strength, so we look for it among chaos, turmoil and distress.
We think we know about love, and we struggle to hold on to it, but we lose that, too.
We talk about maturity, understanding, and the importance of embracing others, but we shun the ones who differ from us.
We talk about nation and country, but we often flee it at the first opportunity.
Then, when this beautiful universe grades our performance, we become offended and cut all our ties with life.
We wake up and say, “Damn, it’s just another day.” We then continue to live it, trying to get through each day in the hell we created for ourselves.
Alternatively, we see what we’ve been doing to ourselves and shout, “Stop!” Our feet then finally touch the ground.
We come to understand that if we’re the ones turning our world into a hell, we can make it a heaven instead.
We realize that true strength lies in silence, simplicity, elegance, and love, opening our hearts to all these things.
Even if we don’t know what to do right away, we silently prepare ourselves for the coming guidance.
We understand that the outside is a reflection of the inside, and we realize that no matter what happens externally, the solution can be found internally.
We stop trying to sell what we know, and we share whatever we are and ceaselessly spread our wisdom.
We are open to receiving, and we can’t give enough, but we do it all in balance.
Our feminine side embraces our masculine side and vice versa, and the left hugs the right as the right returns the embrace, living every moment as a whole.
That’s when life changes and becomes a heaven we can celebrate and be thankful for.
The choice is ours…

Hasan Sonsuz