Many people in this world have dreamed about travelling the world since they were kids. Some even packed up their meagre belongings when they were 17 and started wandering around the globe. I was not one of these unfortunately.

In fact, I was 34 when I got my first passport, and I’d never traveled beyond Edirne before then. Excluding my two trips to Greece, it’s still very rare for me to go beyond Edirne. I usually head east or south instead, like to the magnificent Egypt. Egypt was the first foreign country I travelled to at the age of 34. As someone who had never left his home country, who had never set foot on an airplane, I was mesmerized by the view of Egypt from the skies. I asked myself what kind of a world this must be, and then I became lost in Egypt. I melted away as I felt the energy of that place in my bones, a country I had only seen in documentaries and photographs before…

Since then, I regularly travel to places that were home to ancient civilizations, especially Egypt. I organize trips with my fellow wanderers where we absorb the exclusive energies of this planet. Egypt brought such abundance for me, so after a while, I took the opportunity to visit other places and experience their spiritual energies. Now, I’d like to share with you some of the places that have really fascinated me.

If you travel alone, you should definitely visit these spots. Even if we go there together one day, you should have an idea of what to expect.

There are so many countries, with so many ancient civilizations, to see and discover on this blue-and-green planet of ours. Come on, let’s discover these places, where spirits vibrate of their own accord.


The Pyramids

nine must-visit ancient spots on your spiritual trips

When people talk about Egypt, the first thing that comes to mind is undoubtedly the Pyramids, but actually seeing them in the flesh is an entirely different experience to watching them on television. Everyone who’s been there knows this. On your first encounter, you are humbled by their might. Naturally, the next step is to take pictures, but you must go inside the Great Pyramid as well. Climb into the King’s Chambers through the narrow tunnel. After catching your breath, sit down in a corner and let the energy flow through you. Many tourists climb up here, take a look, and walk away, because there’s nothing inside other than a sarcophagus, but those who know how to can feel its unique temple of energy. How could it not have this? The Great Pyramid is like an energy station sitting on one of the most important spots on this planet.


I’m not talking about the popular stories either, like sharpening a razor blade in a pyramid. I’m telling you to lie down in the sarcophagus for a minute, if you get the chance, and let go of yourself. If your psychic perception is open just a little, this visit can turn into an unforgettable experience. When you leave, you realize that the Great Pyramid is not merely a king’s tomb but much, much more.

Temple of Philae

nine must-visit ancient spots on your spiritual trips
When I first visited Egypt, I knew of course about the Pyramids, but I had no idea about what else I would come across. After I my initial amazing experience in the Great Pyramid, I flew to the city of Aswan and was left speechless by its beauty. I’ve now visited Aswan seven times in total. Not only was I enchanted by this city, but everyone with me also fell in love with it. Ask anyone who’s been to Egypt about Aswan, and they will yearningly sigh, “Aaaah, Aswan!” This historic town is such a paradise and, of course, the jewel of this town is the temple dedicated to the Goddess Isis, the Temple of Philae.

The Egyptians built this temple on an island in the Nile, so you can only get there by boat. As you breathe in the unforgettable aroma of the Nile, Philae suddenly appears before you, leaving you spellbound. Later on, as you go inside and look around, maybe meditating if you get the chance, both your love and your feminine energy is activated as the Goddess touches your heart…

Temple of Dendera

nine must-visit ancient spots on your spiritual trips
There are so many precious spots in Egypt I would like to cover. For example, there is Edfu, which is dedicated to God Horus. There is Abydos dedicated to Osiris, as well as the healing center Kom Ombo, Seraphium, Osireion in Abydos. Each and every one of these is so valuable, but if you were to ask me what I thought was the weirdest spot in Egypt, I would say the Temple of Dendera.

The Temple of Dendera is not typically part of a tour of Egypt. It’s too far from Luxor for most tourists. If you’re on a spiritual trip, however, you should surely visit Abydon and then Dendera…

Dendera does not make any sense when you first see it from a distance. It looks like an ordinary building in the middle of the desert, but as soon as you enter it, you wonder where you are. The entrance welcomes you with its fantastic murals, all with their colors still preserved. The images of bizarre figures, shapes, and the original temple make you dizzy with their combined power. But this is not all. It feels like Hathor’s energy accompanies you inside the temple. In fact, when I first approached the manager of the temple, Said, he told me, “I’m a believer in Allah, but I utterly respect Hathor…”

The world-famous Ancient Egyptian lightbulbs are also depicted in the cellars, together with the Dendera Zodiac. This place must have been an observatory, and it’s a spot where you can most believe in that famous Egypt–Alien connection.


The Temple of Pura Bukit Indrakila

nine must-visit ancient spots on your spiritual trips

Bali is a heavenly island. Its people are beautiful, its nature is amazing, and it’s full of temples everywhere. The Hindu Balinese are very devout, and it’s no coincidence that the island is called “The Island of a Thousand Gods.”  In the cab you take, the hotel you stay in, the streets you walk, and the house you visit, everywhere there are big temples and small altars where the Balinese constantly present offerings to their gods.

Although tourists often make do with visiting the Tanah Lot and Uluwatu temples, you cannot meditate there. You cannot even take decent pictures because of the crowds. But in Bali, if you want to visit some historical temples and ease your soul through meditation, there are plenty of options around the island. The temple I’m about to mention is known by very few tourists. My guide in Bali, Dada, was my reason for discovering this temple, because it is the temple of his village. Puri Bukit Indrakila was actually the private temple of the King of Bali back in the 11th Century. You immediately realize this when you see it, because it’s clearly not a temple that was built for a village.

When I first met Dada, I said, “Take me somewhere where I will be knocked down by its energy.” He said he knew just the place and  took me to Puri Bukit Indrakila. The energy was so strong that it really did knock me down as I meditated. I always include it in my trips to Bali now. Especially when you’re there on a rainy day, you can most certainly forget all about yourself…

Temple of Batukaru

nine must-visit ancient spots on your spiritual trips
There are many other places I can recommend in Bali. For example, there is their largest temple, the Pura Besakih, and the holy fountains of Pura Tirta Empul. They all are very special, but I was really mesmerized on first seeing the Temple of Batukaru on the hillside of the Batukaru mountain. Of course, the rainy and misty weather had an effect on it too. In this type of weather, the temples in Bali always look even more impressive.

Batukaru is a silent and calm yet wonderful temple, and it also has a pond in it. I emphasize the silence here, because the temples in Bali are often very crowded and rarely silent. Here, though, especially in the morning, it is amazing. I certainly recommend visiting it when you’re in Bali.



nine must-visit ancient spots on your spiritual trips
Although Nepal seems a very attractive place from a distance, I found it disappointing on first sight. The chaos, noise, and dust of Katmandu were unbearable. You can’t meditate in the Hindu temples here either, and all you can do is take a whole load of pictures and look around. If you’re going to Nepal, plan to go outside the cities and see the nature. If you want somewhere with high-level energies, however, my favorite place is the great Buddhist stupa Boudhanath. It’s in a lovely neighborhood filled with Buddhist monks, cafes, and nice shops. You can walk around the stupa and feel completely relaxed after a while. It has a soft and beautiful energy.


Paro Taktsang (Tiger’s Nest)

nine must-visit ancient spots on your spiritual trips

When you’re in Nepal, you can cross over to nearby Bhutan. Once you arrive in Bhutan, you wonder if there is any other place in the world like this. Bhutan is Heaven on Earth because of its nature, its people, and the understanding rule of its king. If it were a television, it would be Ultra HD, or better. As soon as you leave the plane, the country calms you down and takes away all your tension. It makes you feel like you’re walking on air. You naturally ask yourself if it’s possible to move here, but then you discover the long and difficult procedure involved, even for those married to a Bhutanese citizen, so instead you resolve to depart from the country of the dragon but come back and visit often.

Everywhere in Bhutan is suitable for meditation. The temples are wonderful, but their most significant temple, Paro Taktsang or the Tiger’s Nest, is fascinating. The Bhutanese believe that Guru Padmasambhava, the person that spread Buddhism throughout this land, came into a cave that the temple is built around, on the tiger’s back. Once you see the temple, however, you’d wonder how it was even possible to climb up here in the first place, let alone build a temple. It’s a three-hour trek up to the temple. There’s no cable car or anything like that—you have to walk. It’s a great experience, though, because the climb is a journey in itself. You breathe in so much oxygen and receive so much natural energy that after a certain point, not even your ego can keep up with you. The load inside becomes lighter, too, even if it feels like your worries weigh a thousand pounds. That’s how subtle your body becomes, and the meditation you can do inside is phenomenal, as you can no doubt imagine.


The Temple of Delphi

nine must-visit ancient spots on your spiritual trips
This temple has always been in my dreams, and I’ve had the chance to visit it twice. Everybody knows about the Acropolis in Greece, but it is a great disappointment when you visit it, at least in my opinion. Meditation is surely out of the question. On my second visit to Greece, I didn’t even visit the Acropolis. Now, Delphi on the other hand…

During ancient days, there were three prophecy centers dedicated to the god Apollo: Klaros in İzmir, the Temple of Apollo in Didim, and Delphi in Greece. I have visited all three of them, and they all have beautiful energies. Delphi in Greece is certainly one for the bucket list, both for its history and its energies. Okay, do not expect to meditate here, and you can’t enter the main temple anyway. If you really want to meditate, visit a quieter place. Yet the energy you feel while walking around Delphi is really very special. If you visit it during the quieter times, go to the Altar of Athena down the road from the main temple. There you can sit under a tree by yourself and relax. It’s very convenient for meditation, because not many people walk down there.



nine must-visit ancient spots on your spiritual trips
Sedona is a famous spiritual town in Arizona. It was actually founded back when western movies were being shot in the area, but it later developed. Nowadays, it’s a common destination for Americans interested in spirituality. There are shops selling various tools, as well as energy healers, mediums, and so on. They’re literally everywhere. The sheriff of this remarkable town is the famous healer Drunvalo Melchizedek. Everybody knows and loves this guy.

This is not the reason why I include Sedona in my list, though. Sedona is, above all else, a wonder of nature. It is fascinating but also ancient, because it was a sacred place for Native American tribes back in the day. They made maps of the energy release points, and you can find them everywhere. They are even organized tours, so you can visit these places to meditate. We went there by ourselves and tried some of the points. You may experience some rather interesting things, especially if you were a Native American in a past life.