They told us there were many mountains before us, and we were expected to climb each of them.

We all believed the shrewd teachers were there to punish us if we failed to reach the summit.

They told us things like:

– You must be a respectful child!

– You must be a hardworking student!

– You must be a proper lady!

– You must be successful at work!

– You must always be in harmony with your husband!

But what if we don’t? They then tell us:

– You will be blamed!

– You will be punished!

– You will be shunned!

– You will be unloved!

You will be unloved!

But what if I’m a good person with a pure heart that never even hurts a fly? What if I never lie but can be a little crude at times? What if I’m an average student and sometimes forget my homework?

– No, you mustn’t! You must always be the best!

No one ever told us to be “original”—they always wanted us to be the best of their “prototypes.”

Those who insisted on retaining their originality were accused of being rebellious or naughty, or they were classed as having learning difficulties.

Because they taught us fear rather than unconditional love, we thought this feeling was respect or possibly even love, but it was simply fear. We always feared being punished. We were afraid of being alone, being treated like a stranger, being the black sheep, and being shunned by society. In short, we feared not being approved and loved!

Yet they didn’t know that any mountain’s summit is its narrowest place, and it can’t hold the “ordinary prototypes” there. They were ignorant of the fact that we can all have different summits.

Perhaps we adopted some of the standards they expected from us. We climbed those compulsory mountains and achieved so-called successes. However, if we only meet the expectations of others and neglect the desires of our souls, we will face discontent.

Are you aware of these? Can you decide where to shoot the arrow with the bow you have? Just aim that arrow at all the fears in your heart right now.

Only try to climb the summit of your own desires. Experience the Goddess in your soul. She does not need any helmet, shield, or spear. Just feel your heart and climb toward your highest desires. You will reach the sky and catch your own star there.