Before the Creator created the universe, there were souls, and these souls were hermaphroditic. Then, these souls were divided into “male” and “female,” and two was already too many!

Could the Creator be female? The universe—with its countless galaxies, stars, and planets—constantly expands toward infinity. This process of creation and expansion is just like the reproductive characteristic of feminine energy. So, a question naturally comes to mind: “Could the universe be feminine?” Next, one tends to ask, “What if the Creator is female?”

Nature is a creative source, and our planet is a physical reflection of this. The millions of species, colors, patterns and forms are signs of a perfect creativity. The male and female genders were also born from nature’s perfect creativity. Over time, humanity has followed the laws of nature that are coded in its genes, and it has adapted somewhat to them. When we talk about the feminine, we think about the gender that can potentially give birth to new life. This is the most distinctive feature of females when compared to males. However, this feminine potential can only be realized when the masculine power is also involved, because the genders complement each other. Nature operates, expands, and shrinks together with the rhythm of the feminine and masculine energies.

If this rhythm is corrupted, the energy flow is also broken. Women gifted with femininity have come to desire the feminine power of Mother Earth. They have taken it and the rest of their gender as rivals. In their mind, the whole world and its children are there to serve them!

There is a danger that these abnormalities are becoming more normal every day.

The destructive, burning feminine energy—with its anger, hatred, greed, and hypocrisy—has started to destroy humanity. Females who forget they are women destructively attract everything to themselves, just like black holes. The sacred energy of the women who originally enabled the spread of humanity is a thing of the past. So, it’s vital to regenerate the feminine energy, which has been forgotten and downgraded. This is only possible if the “feminine” women are healed.

Every woman is feminine, but not every female is a woman. Being a woman is a concept, and it’s all about defining, understanding and knowing the other half inside us: This side includes reason, courage, decisiveness and the ability to fight, which together represent the masculine side.

“The feminine energy, which has been increasing globally, exhausts first itself and then its surroundings. This feminine energy is the sensory-sourced reflections of hatred, greed, passion, jealousy, anger, and possessiveness, which are all instinctively driven by reproduction. This is undeniably the case today on a global scale, and this energy is becoming an even more destructive force every day. Although this feminine energy is destined to exhaust itself and its surroundings, there is a very strong energy that can balance it out: the ‘Kıbâle’ Energy. This energy will eventually give us abundance, fruitfulness, peace, serenity, improvement, advancement, universality and humanness. It would be a true honor to see other women next to us in the future, women who prefer to act for the sake of humanity, women who comply with this transformation and are brave enough to pay any price for this cause, women who are travelers… “

(This text is cited from a meeting we held in April 2010.)

Any female who has been unable to achieve such an improvement in her life is bound to create unrest for herself and others around her. This happens because she is filled with negative energies, such as inadequacy, restlessness, unhappiness, insecurity, moodiness, fear, and depression. These are all caused by being unable to realize the innate potential that she has. Mothers, wives, lovers, sisters, aunts, daughters, daughter-in-laws, how did we end up here? Those are the ones we gave birth to. Those are the ones we loaded with good and bad. First, we became our own rivals. We thought ourselves to be the center of the universe. We captivated men’s souls and made them kneel for us. We wanted them to be powerful, but only for our own sake. We made them do our bidding. We imposed our limitless greed, desire, and ambition on them. We threatened them with the fake feeling that we call “love.” We forced them to follow our whims when they felt inadequate. We did not give but rather took what we wanted. We did not want them to grow, but we grew our own egos. We freed neither them nor ourselves. They are the fathers, husbands, lovers, sons, brothers, uncles and son-in-laws…

With our own hands, we created the enemy, which we shaped from the feminine energy. Now, we can raise that energy to where it truly belongs.

It is high time that we transform this energy, which we created ourselves, before it’s too late. It is surely not going to happen overnight, just like it didn’t come about in a single day. Nevertheless, every single step will take us further toward the future. We can heal others only if we heal ourselves. We have to raise our minds from down below to where they really belong! We need to remember that we cannot own the world, because it is our responsibility to leave the world as clean as possible for the following generations. We should make more time for learning and development and spend less time watching TV, shopping, gossiping, and visiting the hairdresser. We should address the question of “What do we do?” rather than being interested in what others do. We should learn that we have no right to ask others to do the things we won’t do. No one should need to bear with us. We have to grow with our own abilities. We need to try to understand ourselves, rather than wait for others to understand us. Our greatest ability is creativity and productivity, so we need to act in order to activate our fruitfulness. We must transform the destructive negative feelings with the help of our consciousness. All this will take time, and it will exhaust us and hurt us, but this will be the price we pay to help the generations after us. Our honorable values will be the only heritage we leave behind.