Questions sometimes pop up in all our minds along the lines of “Is my past nothing more than what my conscious mind remembers? Or does the subconscious carry memories that can’t be consciously accessed?”

Let’s put it in a clearer way: “Did we live before in the distant past?” Many cultures around the world believe in reincarnation, but is it real? It’s not a “yes or no” answer for me, because we can think about it from different angles.

Nowadays, there is something called regression therapy that’s becoming increasingly widespread. It aims to revisit a past experience in order to find the cause of a problem, so it can then be resolved.” Although regression therapy, which came around and became widespread in the 70s, is considered controversial, many people claim to have resolved their problems this way, even problems that could not be solved by mainstream methods.

All of us have a variety of memories that we cannot, and do not want to, recall in the present moment. Even if we touch on one of these memories, most of it remains hidden in the depths of the subconscious. We know now that the subconscious forgets nothing, and it even records things we are not completely aware of. There are many things you know but cannot easily remember. It seems like you’ve forgot these things, but once you’re asked about them, the subconscious brings them to the surface.

However, there are memories that lay deep in the subconscious, so you cannot access them in the normal conscious state. A light trance can provide access to some memories that are normally inaccessible, and then we see how the unconscious does not forget but rather just obscures it from the conscious mind. Even when we do not recall these memories, they still influence us from the subconscious. Depending on the circumstances, these memories can make us feel threatened, stressed, afraid, or insecure. They may also evoke various emotions without us knowing why.

In reality, none of these effects has bad intentions. For example, fear is there to help us survive, because this bad feeling keeps you away from danger. It’s real purpose is to protect us. Despite its good intentions, though,  feelings of fear and anxiety, without any real danger, limit a person’s life and causes unnecessary suffering.

At this point, regression therapy may help solve the problem quickly. If you work with an expert regression therapist, he or she will guide you to the source of your problem through suitable techniques. Once these memories are addressed, the problem is alleviated.

Some interesting things may happen here. The roots of some problems go deeper in the past, and during the regression therapy, the subconscious may bring up memories that belong to times before your birth.

For example, imagine a man who’s stressed and anxious in a given situation, and therefore feeling hopelessness. When this emotion is worked upon, the man may enter into various scenarios related to this situation. He may see himself as a completely different person and experience incidents from a distant past. Such occurrences are common in regression work, and in such cases, people’s experiences are very real to them, even to the extent of feeling bodily pains. The stories that emerge in these cases often have meaningful connections to the present problem.

More and more therapists are using these methods every day, and The Earth Association for Regression Therapy ( brings these practitioners together.

Regression therapy is highly effective, and it is becoming increasingly widespread in many countries.

Now, some questions come to mind: Where do these memories come from? Are they really from “past lives” or do they emerge from the field of the collective consciousness? Are they just fantasies made up by the subject’s subconscious?

All of these possibilities are valid. What’s more important, however, is the proven effectiveness of this method for solving and healing problems that otherwise cannot be resolved. The accumulated experience in this field has a core point: “The lives lived by people in the past are now influencing us.”

Cases of spontaneous recall may also deepen our understanding. There are reports of such cases from all over the world. They involve a young child, usually two or three years old, suddenly starting to speak in clear sentences. Such children talk about a “past life” and give detailed information about their previous identities, families, and homes. Hundreds of verifiable cases have been reported, and Ian Stevenson, a pioneer in reincarnation research, has studied cases in Turkey and wrote many books about them.

In some of these cases, the children remember their past lives and how they died, and sometimes they have birthmarks that relate to the manner of death. For example, a child who remembers being shot may have a birthmark resembling a bullet wound. These interesting cases suggest that past-life memories can even influence the current physical body, and they are hard to explain with conventional science.

Again, another phenomenon that’s hard to explain is very young children displaying an extraordinary talent in a particular field. There are many examples of children with extraordinary talents,  with some lacking any education whatsoever. We encounter them more and more these days. Although this phenomenon is often attributed to genetics, I personally don’t think it’s that simple. Isn’t it farfetched to assume that genetics can explain a 13-year-old child speaking eight languages fluently? Many of us have observed the birth and growth of babies and noticed they have their own identities. Education builds upon this fundamental identity, but their talents and original identities persist.

When we consider all these phenomena, we could easily conclude that our pasts go very deep. Elements in our bodies were born in the hearts of stars, and after billions of years, they took their places within living organisms. On the other hand, our psyche, our inner being, contains humanity’s long past on planet Earth, the past belonging to our ancestors and most probably memories of their past lives. These memories occasionally show themselves as glimpses and carry some scents that belong to our true identity.

Eventually, there remains an awareness that exists continuously behind feelings, emotions, thoughts and actions. It’s something that witnesses everything silently: the consciousness…