In my opinion, the best book of the Kryon series is The Journey Home. It narrates a beautiful example that I use in my sessions to this day. Michael Thomas, the protagonist, acquires a map from a spirit. He’s told the map will guide him, so he should consult the map whenever he needs to. Michael gazes upon the map only to see that it’s nothing but a blank piece of paper. “How come?” he thinks. He then hears the spirit say, “You’ll understand when the time comes.” (I’m afraid I cannot fully recall the exact details, but you get the gist of it.) Michael then begins a journey with the blank map. He continues walking, and just when he reaches a critical junction, shapes and roads appear on the map, showing him the way to go. Once he picks the right direction, the shapes on the map disappear again until he reaches the next critical junction.
Uncertainty is the primary source of frustration for humanity. We want to know what will happen, what we should do, where we should go, and what our plan should be. Life, however, flips the card and says, “Here, take it!” When we pull a long face, it makes sure to whisper, “Life is not anything like that, child.” We fail to believe this, so we slump down like spoiled little kids. Why is this? It’s because we’re in fear. We need to control things because we fear life and need to know in order to control. That’s why we lay elaborate plans over plans and develop strategies over strategies. However, these emerge from the mind, not from the self. The mind is the software that’s designed to ensure our survival…
I personally never made any plans throughout my life, especially career plans. I never planned the things I do today. The only things I had were intentions right at the bottom of my heart and dreams written on my palm, but I never had to push things forward. I just managed to find the right path before me at the right time. Just like the tale of Michael Thomas, I never knew what to do until I reached the junction. I just kept going, and signs suddenly appeared all around, telling me which path I should take. Actually, we could compare it with cooking at this point: Our dreams are the ingredients, and our souls are the fire. You place the casserole over the fire and then go mind your own business. The meal cooks in a set amount of time, but it will be ruined if you try to eat it before it is ready.
Especially during these times of dire uncertainty, we humans are much like Michael Thomas, who wandered with a blank map in his hand. We keep checking the piece of paper and grow irritated when we see it’s still very much blank. It’s clear that if we choose to get frustrated and give up, we’ll never be able to use the map, because we can only get an answer by continuing to walk. The answer lies ahead, and besides, you get to see the exquisite beauty of the trees, flowers, and other scenery along the road, as well as breathe in the sweet, fresh air, ahhh… We’re not here to rush from one goal to another anyway, just as we do not live merely for the sake of cooking. We dine when it’s time for dinner and enjoy our meals. Tell me, once you’ve finished a meal, do you stand over the oven for hours until the next meal? Do you spend your life waiting for your meals? No, you don’t! The meals simply provide us with the energy we need to survive. We continue to live, cooking only when we need to eat. Our dreams are the same. They feed our hunger and provide us with the energy needed for life as we realize them. Then we use this energy to go on and explore more places. Whenever we get weak and hungry, we dream new dreams and go on to realize these as well.
Uncertainty is a powerful and glorious thing. It really is, because it gives us the chance to look around at the beautiful scenery. The universe whispers to us, “Pay no heed to the map right now. Keep your spirits up and just look around. Enjoy your journey. Both your path and your meal will be ready when the time is right.” Remember, this vast universe itself emerged from uncertainty, from nothingness. If it’s possible for nothingness to give rise to such a vast universe, or maybe even universes, imagine what your nothingness could create. Just keep walking and let things ride… 🙂

Hasan Sonsuz