For two months, I was in a process of being reborn. To be reborn, you first need to die of course.

Once you’re buried in a grave, you feel as if you are really dead. You leave everything behind, and then you can be reborn into your new life as a fresh person. The Sufis call this process “Dying before death.”

Yes, I was in this process, and now I feel like everything has changed for me.

I talked about many things that my heart hadn’t felt before.

I had become a spiritually obese person, just eating knowledge for the sake of it but not being able to digest it in my soul.

I was so careless about myself and everything around me.

I was in deep pain, but I rejected it and acted as if I was happy.

I could not feed myself fully, and I also could not bring my creations into my life.

I saw miracles in my life, but I did not accept them as such. I just stared at them without comprehending their miraculous nature.

I prayed to a God that I never believed existed.

I wasn’t connected to the Universe or the soul.

I convinced myself so much that everything was going very well and I was serving everyone.

So many lies I told to myself.

But now it has all ended!

Now I can start again with a fresh outlook on life.

I am born again, and I am here with you!

Now and forever…