Who Were the Mayans?
The Mayans could be described as shamans who specialized in science and astrology and lived on the Yucatan Peninsula in Central America. They recorded all solar and lunar eclipses and any variations in the Earth’s rotational speed. They observed the movements of Venus and used them as the basis for their calendar, which continued for thousands of years. Besides Venus, they also observed the movements of Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and The Pleiades. At present, we use algebra, but the Mayans preferred to use observational astronomy and reference charts to foresee the future. The Mayan calendars track time in cycles, and these calendars are believed to be more exact than ours are and the most perfect calendars ever created. Today’s scientists and researchers agree that they are flawless time charts. Some believe these time charts were designed as part of The Cosmic Plan. It is clear that the Mayans were a nation of highly talented and conscientious people, and their calendar is a valuable gift to the world’s heritage.
When we refer to the Mayan calendar, we mean the Long Count, in which the cycle of 13 b’ak’tun will be completed on December 21, 2012. Mayan researchers have tried to clarify the exact date of the Mayans’ Long Count for over 50 years. Related research studies increased after the 1970s. According to the Goodman–Martinez–Thompson correlation, which is known as the GMT, the beginning of the Long Count is commonly accepted to be August 11, 3114 B.C. In holy texts and hieroglyphs describing in detail the history of the Mayan Kingdom, researchers discovered incidents that took place during the creation of the Earth, and later re-creations found evidence suggesting the Mayan calendar ends in 2012. The Mayan calendar was designed so human beings could establish where they were in time and draw conclusions about the future. However, it is also a timetable that shows the phases of the historical evolution of humanity. It also serves as a guide to plan the timing of a new evolutionary phase. In other words, this calendar does not only rely on the chronology of physical realities, but also on a divine timing schedule that determines the aim and direction of life on Earth. The cycles of 5,125 years refer to a very long time system that evaluates the evolution of human consciousness on the planet. The Mayans believed that the Long Count was a cycle of the World Age, and humanity would improve to the next level within the process of its spiritual evolution. They regarded the end of the cycle of 13 b’ak’tun to be the harbinger of an important change in the World Age. The Long Count is a timetable that exposes the ingenious creation process of the world and warns people to prepare for the cosmic conflux in 2012.
The Mayans used more than 20 calendars, but we will consider the Long Count only. However, the other Mayan calendars are known to also be in relation with one another. The Mayan astronomers accepted the Galactic Center as the womb of the Milky Way, believing that stars appeared from there. Contemporary astronomers believe there is a black hole there that absorbs matter, energy, and time, which are later used as raw materials to create stars. In my opinion, this was a very important discovery by the Mayans, because they gained this knowledge, which our civilization has just reached, a very long time ago. Considering the Mayans—and even the Olmecs, who lived in Central America before the Mayans—discovered the precession 3,000 years ago, we can easily imagine how accomplished they were in astronomy. The Mayan astronomers detected how the sphere shifted one degree westwards every 72 years. This cycle completed in 26,000 Mayan solar years, which was equal to five suns. They believed they lived during the fifth age of the sun, which had been proceeded by four ages and four races on Earth. They also believed these four races had been wiped out by massive natural disasters, but those who survived each age could pass on their stories. Contemporary scientists have also observed that the Earth has experienced four polar shifts in the past.
The Mayans developed a unique method to relate human life and natural events to celestial rhythms. The Mayan calendar is the product of intelligent minds in terms of its numerical perspective, and it still astonishes archeologists and astronomers. The last date in the Long Count coincides with the winter solstice passing over the galactic equator. This also shows how the Mayans had a perfect understanding of astronomy. December 21, 2012 is certainly not an arbitrary or coincidental date. It coincides with the winter solstice, where the sun rises from the very south in line with the Tropic of Taurus. This is also the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. American scientist and author John Major Jenkins proposed the idea that the Mayan calendar stands on two major sequencing events (one between the winter solstice and the galactic equator and the other between the solstice and the galactic center), and the pole shift is completed with a full cycle of 26,000 years. Jenkins was the first scientist to propose this theory. Various Mayan calendars correspond to planetary cycles, proving the calendar is related to astrology. It is clear the Mayans wanted to pass a message to us through their calendars. This message concerns how we should proceed toward the future. We can pass through this period with acceptance or resistance, and this choice will determine if the transition is completed through global disasters or peace and serenity.
We should take the Mayans seriously because they invented a calendar that still astonishes scientists by how it operates more perfectly than any modern-day calendar. The Mayans foretold there would be major changes in our time, and we cannot ignore this fact or discount it as the wild delusions of a primitive culture. We should stop underestimating previous cultures by thinking of them as being primitive and instead try to understand the messages they sent. The Mayans may have known things that we don’t, because their knowledge was based on earlier cultures, such as the Olmecs or maybe even earlier ones. Maybe the time we live in is about to end…Who knows?
The End-Time
The Mayans did not actually use expressions like “The End of the World” when they referred to the end-time, nor did they say it would be the end of everything. On the contrary, the date when the calendars end is a kind of transition from one period to the next. It is better to consider the Mayan calendar as a big cycle of the World Ages. There have been five world ages according to the Mayans, of which the first four were destroyed by floods and earthquakes. We are living in the fifth age now. It is believed the Mayan calendar is composed of a series of cycles, which the human race has to endure to reach a new stage of evolution. According to some views, the Mayans sent us a message, telling us that 2012 would be the beginning of the rise of humanity and the start of a new age.
The Mayans believed that “Xibalba be,” which is when the sunrise after the winter solstice intersects with a part of the Milky Way on December 21, 2012, would be the real moment of genesis. The Mayans’ prophecy about the year 2012 is related to the “Sun Spots Cycle” and the “Venus Cycle.” I explained this theory thoroughly in my book Time for Transformation: Before and After 2012. On June 6, 2012, we will witness the second transit of Venus this century. The most significant feature of this cycle is that it will be the end of the precession cycle of 26,000 years, and the Galactic Alignment will occur on December 21, 2012. According to researcher and author Maurice Cotterell, the Mayans were aware of the changes in sun spots and are trying to warn us. They observed the Venus cycles just to follow solar activity, expecting a reversal every 20 cycles. This reversal might be a sign of magnetic pole shifts. Thus, the transit of Venus in front of the Sun in 2012 becomes more of an issue. In 2012, we will experience a solar maximum where solar activity will increase greatly. Considering that the Earth’s magnetic field is weakening, we should be concerned about the effects of solar activity on Earth during the solar maximum. All these events could affect the poles and cause a major change on Earth. In this situation, magnetic fields with many different magnetic poles might occur on Earth, compasses might point in different directions, weather events may become stranger, hurricanes and other electrical activities could become stronger, and volcanic eruptions and earthquakes might increase.
The planets affect each other’s gravitational forces on the Sun as they spin and change positions. Astrophysicists have admitted that interplanetary conjunctions, antithetic, and some 90-degree cycles, corrupt the Sun massively. Factor in as well that Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto will form these pressured cycles between 2012 and 2016, and this strengthens the possibilities mentioned above. However, I personally do not think that it will be the end of the world but rather the end of a cycle. A new system will be born as the current system changes. We can regard this as a compulsory transformation, pushing worldly life forward.
Modern human beings perceive time as a linear progression, so there is a stable past, present, and future, whereas the Mayans perceived time in a more fluid manner. They believed that timeframes repeated themselves throughout many ages. In my opinion, they meant for us to start a new dimension in time with the change of an age. This statement could also indicate that our current perception of time will change after a major transition. In other words, the energy of time might show itself in a different dimension and on a different vibration level. The future, past, and present are all available together at the same time. However, we cannot realize this because we live in three-dimensional space, and the past and the future is considered on a linear basis. All three concepts stand in “the present time” according to the wholistic notion of the evolution of life and consciousness. The esoteric knowledge says that the past, present, future, and all dimensions are equal, and we exist in all past, present, and future timeframes at the same time. Therefore, what we need to do during this transitional period is look at the concept of “time” from a broader perspective. Now, let us go through the concept of time.
Time is an energy that flows toward eternity on a periodic basis. This current flows through activities related to the universe and materials. Within this current, all activities in the universe are coordinated as energy patterns connected to one another. It might be possible to escape from time itself, or go beyond time, if we could increase the flow of time energy to a certain frequency. Experiencing some incidents that will take us to this high-frequency level might increase the level of our perception. It might also let us see the atomic lines of the incidents that have both past and future in themselves. It is said some people with psychic abilities can experience these kinds of states by motivating their conscious energy with the help of a special meditation method, freeing their minds to reach a certain level of vibrational frequency. It is also said these people can reach “the present,” which has both the future and past in itself at the same time, by freeing themselves from time constraints.
In the book Mass Dreams of the Future by Chet B. Snow, PhD, and Helen Wambach, PhD, there is a very to-the-point paragraph about leaving the level of reality in time and space: “Psychic channels and seers mentally step out of the level of reality in time and space in order to foresee the future. Therefore, they temporarily free themselves from the linear time constraints of the conscious mind and stop their relation with the present in order to see the future. All mediums have told us that everybody might be able to see the dimensions beyond linear time if they agree to follow the necessary mental discipline. The time-dependant belief system of the conscious mind, which is definitely a basic element in daily life, disables us from reviewing the potential incidents and situations we create without knowing in every moment we live.” (Chet B. Snow, PhD, and Helen Wambach, PhD. Mass Dreams of the Future. Ege Meta Publications, Page 185)
We know there have been many studies of time travel. No physical progress has been achieved yet, but at least we know that it is mentally possible. In other words, the passage beyond time doesn’t necessarily occur physically. Even now, the human consciousness is able to travel through dimensions beyond the understanding of physics. The best example to this is our dreams. In our dreams, we escape the reality of the three dimensions, freeing ourselves from time and space.
Maybe the Mayans tried to tell us by calling it “the end-time,” conveying that we would experience a change in the perception of time after a series of traumatic incidents. We would then go beyond the three-dimensional frequency that we can only perceive within certain limits now. Esoteric knowledge defines this as passing through the fourth dimension. Could this possibly mean that our telepathic perceptions and intuitions will grow stronger? Will it mean we will reach a point of cosmic consciousness, attain our desires by thought, shape the future in a positive direction, or maybe even regain the skill to travel through time? Except for its timing, scientists agree that we are about to pass into the Age of Aquarius, and a new type of human being (the Cosmic Human) will come to life. On the other hand, as was heralded in various religions, we are approaching the Golden Age in which a new type of human being (the Perfect Human) will rise. What’s more, the Native Americans, like The Incas, declared that a new type of human being (the Illuminating Ones) would come to life in this age. All of these deliver similar messages, don’t you think?
Many of the books and articles I’ve read concerning 2012 tell that the human consciousness will increase because of various events during this era, causing telepathic perceptions and intuitions to grow stronger. They also emphasize that humanity will pass through the fourth and then the fifth dimensions, and it will therefore be able to manage its future by controlling and directing its thoughts in a better way. In some books that I read with pleasure, such as Message from Arcturus, it is written that humanity will reach a much more ideal life one day. Elevated Masters are defined as wise people who have control over time, space, and their own egos. Having accomplished their divine plans and reached higher dimensions, these people serve humanity with love and wisdom. Who knows? Maybe humans are very close to this level of maturity. We might really be standing at the threshold of a new time and space now.
Maybe some of the events during the 2012 transition times will empower us to look at life and our experiences from a broader perspective. This may lead us to different foundations for reality and enable us to free our minds. According to many mystical traditions in the world, freeing the mind is the first step to internal awakening. We can become freer thanks to the power of spiritual energies; think beyond religious patterns, organizations, and rules; and realize religions differently, not in purpose but in means… By going beyond the old boundaries, we can experience the excitement of reaching new dimensions that lead to freedom and love. During this tough process, we can only learn more if we broaden and free our minds. We are about to enter a period when we will need to reevaluate the values and ideals limiting our minds. We may need to give up all these completely. We can only be free and rid ourselves of our routines by complete change and transformation. This is the only way we can regain our aliveness.
We, with our current consciousness, think of time as being linear. However, the Mayans were aware that time was not just linear, but also a repetitive and infinite cycle that multiplies itself with a circular movement. Like many of the ancient civilizations, the Mayans also gave importance to the periodic repetitions of various sky phenomena with the help of well-preserved records. They were successful at foreseeing the effects of these phenomena on their society. Astronomical observatories and Neolithic stone monuments prove how our ancestors gave importance to correctly understanding the movements of the stars and planets.
Rebirth and Renewal
Modern Mayan shamans consider the year 2012 to be more like the rebirth of a new system rather than a time of disaster. Between now and then, all of us will face some challenge to our personal development, but we will also find a way to overcome these challenges. The ones who pass the test will live in a brighter era, but the ones who fail will stay in this dimension for thousands of years before taking another test. According to the view of Mayan shaman Carlos Barrios, the year 2012 is like a stitch in time. In other words, it is a connection point between two different ages. It is highly probable that many devastating and distressing events will occur during this transition. The change will be completed slowly, so it will not be like turning off the light by pressing the switch but rather like the slow onset of dusk. In the new age, namely after 2012, happiness and sadness will be shared much more. Mass communication systems have been uniting us just like a family. Thus, the era after 2012 will be a period when we will be tested to achieve collective harmony, understanding, patience, sharing, and coexistence in peace.
Many of the ancient civilizations, from the Indians to the Mayans, described our current times as the “dark age” with wars, pain, extravagance, and disparity. There are similarities between the esoteric knowledge and the messages delivered by the Mayan shamans. According to this knowledge, we are at the end of the Iron Age, namely the Dark Age. The next age is the Golden Age, but the Iron Age is not over yet. We are now passing through the connection point of these two ages. In his book The Last Period, on page 18, Ergün Arıkdal calls this age an age of preparation and says, “This age is too evil, because the soul experiences too many things. The soul possesses a major sense of its feelings and lives by putting them into practice. In this period, the soul builds a bridge between the end and the beginning, passing from darkness to light and opening its senses. In this age, the knowledge of Divine Light will be revealed in full. It is a period of mind, wisdom, and preparation. The soul can only learn the drama of mankind once. It witnesses all scenes by the end of all ages, and only this way can it interpret its role in the infinite drama.”
As I mentioned earlier, our solar system’s closeness and remoteness to the center of the galaxy while travelling on its elliptical orbit is the reason for major changes in humanity’s history and the ups and downs of worldly life, namely the changes of ages. The point where we stand on this circular orbit determines how we experience the strong energy sources reflected from the center of our galaxy and the intense magnetic fields. The ancient civilizations had a deep perception about the quality of this cosmic cycle. They knew that as we travelled further away from the center of our galaxy, some situations would arise. Our bond with the Divine One would weaken or disappear. We would feel lost and experience a kind of separation. We would forget who we were, who we had been in the past, our bond with one another, or even our bond with the land. They also knew very well that the change in the Earth’s position in the sky would change the physical conditions for life on Earth. Thus, they tried to warn us that we are going to go through some tough emotional and spiritual experiences, so we can keep up with the situation. Similar to the messages of ancient civilizations, recent scientific research also confirms that the Earth’s orbital inclination and its wobble affect everything substantially and cause major changes in temperature and the Earth’s magnetic field. This then leads to new cycles that will change everything. All this information proves that the ups and downs in worldly life are related to the Earth’s cycle with the galactic center.
Now we are going through a period just like the ancient civilizations mentioned in the past. We are passing through the deepest point of darkness and walking towards the beginning of dawn. Our solar system is going through the shortest part of its orbit, which has an elliptical shape in the form of a squashed circle. The furthest side of this orbit takes us to the point furthest from the Milky Way’s center. Before the orbit takes us closer to the center of our galaxy, we need to pass through the darkness of the current cycle to reach the light of the next cycle. Just like one must endure the night before sunrise… However, the coming period is a completely bright period, namely a rebirth. Because it will coincide with a winter solstice date (December 21), it means there will be a rebirth after an end. This was observed not only in the Mayan culture, but also in some other ancient civilizations. For example, December 22 was the festival of rebirth in the times of the ancient Turks. According to the view of sumerologist Muazzez İlmiye Çığ, the Sun was very important to the ancient Turks. They believed that on December 22, the night fought with the day, and after a long fight, the day beat the night. This is because from December 22, the nights become gradually shorter and the days start to get longer. They used to celebrate the victory of the Sun with a big festival. As December 21 refers to an end, December 22 refers to a rebirth.
Galactic Alignment
John Major Jenkins, author of the book Maya Cosmogenesis, points out that the Sun and the Galactic Center will be on the same line during the winter solstice of 2012, which occurs only once every 26,000 years. In this case, the Mayans tried to draw our attention to exactly this very rare alignment…
This alignment will occur on the Sagittarius eclipse when the December solstice Sun meets the Milky Way. The intersection point will be the area where the black hole is located in the Milky Way. The Mayans named the black hole as Xibalba (the Dark Way).
It is a dark zone mostly concentrated on the side of the Milky Way’s center. It has a width of 10 degrees and goes through the Milky Way close to the constellations of Sagittarius and Scorpio. It also goes through the Eagle Constellation, where the Ecliptic with a width of 14 degrees cuts Sagittarius. The Ecliptic cuts the Milky Way with an angle of 10 degrees through the Twins and Sagittarius constellations. The Mayans called this area “The Junction Where the Roads Meet” or “The Holy Tree.” On the other hand, astronomers call this area “the nuclear bulge of the galactic center.” This area is the center of the Milky Way galaxy. The Mayans regarded the galactic center as the “place of genesis” where everything was born. They believed the Sun would rise towards the dark on December 21, 2012. It would seem to pass through the Milky Way and stand on the same line with the galactic center, this “place of genesis.”
The winter solstice in 2012, where the Sun enters Capricorn, will start on December 21, 2012 at 11:11 GMT, which is also the last calendar date in the Mayans’ Long Count. That morning, the Sun will rise toward the galactic center (the “nuclear bulge”). This is at the center of the Milky Way’s rotation, where the black hole is said to be located. For the first time in nearly 26,000 years, the Sun will be connected to the part the Mayans called the Black Hole. We cannot say the Sun will be aligned completely with the galactic center or the center of the Black Hole, but it will be located between two parts of the space. In fact, the rising of the Sun at this point is not something very unique. This situation will continue on winter solstices after 2012.
The Galactic Alignment (the Alignment of the Earth, Sun, and Galactic Center on December 21, 2012 as observed from the Earth) is in fact the template of Mayan mythological astronomy. However, the correct term for this incident should be “Galactic Conjunction” rather than “Galactic Alignment.” Astronomical alignments involve three celestial objects taking place on a common layout. However, astronomical conjunctions refer to the alignment of two cosmic objects or substances as observed from the Earth. The conjunction of the Sun with the Galactic Center means recontacting the divine one, but this conjunction will not occur with the same angle. If we examine the matter in terms of astrology, the Galactic Center is in the Sagittarius sign at 27 degrees in this current period. It is also 3 degrees from Capricorn (0 degree), where the Sun will be in the winter solstice. (Galactic Center was in Sagittarius at 26 degrees and 52 minutes in the year 2000. In the year 2025, it will be in Sagittarius at 27 degrees and 13 minutes). In astrological terms, a margin of 3 degrees is regarded to be within conjunction tolerance, and all celestial bodies within this tolerance are accepted to be in conjunction. This proximity will increase over the course of the years, with the ultimate conjunction occurring around 2200.
The unique situation in 2012 is that the Sun will be observed nearly touching the border of the black hole that goes through the Galactic Equator. It is considered an important part of the night sky because it is associated with spiritual rebirth myths according to Mayan cosmology. The Mayan myths and cosmology prove that they knew the distance between our solar system and the center of the galaxy varied on its elliptical orbit. According to the Mayans, this cycle divided the sky into two parts: the night sky and day sky. The night sky was dominated by darkness, whereas the day sky was dominated by light. The day and night lasted 13,000 years each. According to the Mayans, we are just before a dawn. We will then enter a new “day” following the rebirth on December 21, 2012. In brief, we can say that the galactic alignment coincides with the Mayan calendar. The solar system moves in space in a predictable cycle, which the Mayans already knew in their time.
The Black Hole at the Center of the Galaxy
The Mayans were extraordinary astronomers. They could predict celestial movements centuries in advance. According to the experts, the Mayans were aware of the galactic alignment, and they knew that future people would be able to observe it too. The Mayans left us a calendar, telling us how this would be a very important period in time. According to the Mayans, we must bear in mind that we are experiencing a period of change and transformation.
The Mayan astronomers considered the Galactic Center (Hunab-Ku in their language) to be the womb of the Milky Way. They believed the stars were born there. As we mentioned earlier, modern-day astronomers also assume there is a black hole right in the center, absorbing substances, time, and energy that are then used as raw materials to create new stars. In 2008, following a lengthy 16-year research project, German scientists found a black hole very close to Earth by using the European Southern Observatory in Chile. Robert Massy, PhD, a member of the Royal Astronomical Society, said that this black hole might have played a role in the creation of some stars. The black hole, which is assumed to be four million times heavier than the Sun, is situated nearly 26,000 years away from Earth. The scariest thing about black holes is how they absorb everything around them. Threatening news that the Milky Way, including the Earth, would be absorbed by this black hole turned out to be unfounded thanks to the latest research. It was declared that many young stars around the black hole are helping to slow down the harm done to the galaxy. Recent NASA research also found that the black hole is working 100 times slower than expected, so it is not a big threat to our world or the Milky Way.
However, not all the news and findings about the black hole is that optimistic. Some opinions propose that our planet will be heavily bombarded with deadly gamma rays following the galactic alignment in 2012. An Internet article, Gamma rays are bombarding the world, claims that our solar system is getting closer to the galactic center every day, and this results in global warming on all planets. The article also asserts that during the galactic alignment, the Earth will be bombarded with 3.5 trillion electron volts of deadly gamma rays. After being exposed to these rays for at least a few months, organic life will end and our DNA will be reprogrammed.
It is believed that the giant black hole, which has a diameter of two trillion miles and is called “the supermassive black hole” by astrophysicists, is the motor engine for shaping the galaxy and providing its rotation. It spins with incredible speed because of its mass density in the center. It is also said that the dark slope observed in our galaxy is the place where the mass gravitational field exists, and it is where the cosmic dust blocks have been accumulated since the birth of our galaxy. The Mayans also observed the galactic field and defined it as the dark rift. They declared that the big annihilation after each cycle was the result of the world’s alignment with the dark rift. In the Milky Way, which is an active galaxy, the solar system moves in cycles towards the below and above parts of the galactic field. The mass gravity of the solar system increases as it gets closer to the galactic field, and this gravity affects the stability of all planets. As the most severe gravitational force occurs in the galactic level center, the most devastating effects, which are also confirmed by historical knowledge and the magnetic pole reversal, take place during the alignment with the center. Thus, all ancient civilizations, including the Mayans, designed their calendars according to the periodical cycle of our solar system in the galactic field.
According to the article mentioned above, the early effects of the increasing mass gravitational force have already shown themselves. Geological events—such as extreme weather changes, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and volcanic activities—will inevitably occur more frequently and more severely as the solar system approaches the galactic field center.
Research continues into the black hole at the center of the galaxy. Astrological indicators suggested that new information would come about concerning the cosmic principles in 2010 and 2011, and there would therefore be some new explorations into black holes, which we do not sufficiently understand now. The opposition of Saturn and Uranus, which was active between 2010 and 2011, showed that today’s scientific patterns and taboos would be broken within this period. Also, it was likely that the theories about the creation of the cosmos might be shaken.
Not Just a Single Day!
According to Lawrence E. Joseph, the author of Apocalypse 2012, the Mayans regarded the Milky Way as the spirits’ way to the other world and believed that there was an umbilical cord between heaven and the world. They also believed that this cord would be cut on December 21, 2012 as the Sun made the galactic center dark (Lawrence E. Joseph, Apocalypse 2012, Pegasus Publications, Page 238). According to Joseph, there will be an eclipse of the galactic center on that day, so our connection with it will break and leave us without the necessary food energy to survive. Joseph tells us that the best analogy to explain this situation is this: “When the electrical power is cut off, some devices continue to work. However, some devices, like the digital timer of a video player, are disrupted even after the electricity comes back. The eclipse can be defined with this physical explanation.” Some other Mayan researchers believe that all the energy flowing from the Milky Way to the world will be cut off on December 21, 2012 at 11:11 GMT, and this event will not be repeated for another 26,000 years. According to the Mayan belief system, even if the energy from the Milky Way is disconnected for only a very short period, it will take many things from our bodies and the world itself.
On the other hand, some observers propose that the alignment with the heart of the galaxy in 2012 will open a channel toward the cosmic energy, so we will then start receiving vibrations at higher levels. Carlos Barrios—a Guatemalan researcher, historian, and anthropologist—tells how the Mayans considered December 21, 2012 as a day of rebirth. He also says that the solar meridian will cut the galactic equator and the world will align with the galactic center on December 21, and this date will be the beginning of the Age of the Fifth Sun. According to the Guatemalan Mayan people, the Age of the Fifth Sun will be the age of wisdom, harmony, peace, love, consciousness, and the return of the natural system. It will not be the end of the world as people fear. (The Mystery of 2012, page 282, Janosh)
Although I consider the date of December 21, 2012 to be an important psychological factor, I believe the Mayans, in their verbal and written history, meant a period of time around December 21, 2012 rather than a single day. Most astronomers agree that during the winter solstice of 1998/99, there was a very close conjunction between the Sun and the galactic equator. As its width is half degrees, it will take 36 years for the Sun to travel the whole sun disc around the equator. This shows us that the period between 1980-2016 (with the years 1998-99 being in the middle) will be very significant. Now we are approaching the final phase of this period. As mentioned above, the time between 2012 and 2016 will be very important because it will also see the planetary movements and combinations during this period.

Öner Döşer